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Marketing for Bucks on Mother’s Day


I have probably violated the blogging rules for blogging success.  As you know my blog is a little bit of a hodge podge.  I have self improvement techniques and posts for your personal life as well as your work life.

That is probably a blog no no if I want to get “targeted” readers.   Actually I would like targeted readers that do purchase what I am offering.  However, I honestly do not know what that really means if I ponder it.  I also honestly do not know who reads this blog. 

I do not get a lot of feedback so I keep going in the two areas of personal and work self improvement. 

This all leads me to todays post which maybe hodge podge and maybe not since I do not know the psyche of my readers.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I usually dislike card holidays.  Card holidays are the ones where there is huge display of cards in the card section for a holiday.  On a philosophical level I think Mother’s Day should not be once a year.  I think that should be an every day thing. 

On the other hand I do like the idea that there is a day specifically where you honor and tell your mom she is appreciated and loved especially.  It would be thoughtless if this one day would be excluded from the card holidays. 

It is also nice to give your mom one day (hopefully many) where she is specifically treated special, respected and acknowledged. 

So here comes my pet peeve.  I market products on the internet.  I want to earn an income from doing this.  In that light I subscribe to many of the internet gurus and get daily e mails from them.

I got a lot of Mother’s Day e mails from them.  They love and respect their moms.  Now comes the part that really pissed me off.  In their e mail while talking about their moms and Mother’s Day they tried to sell me something.

I thought that was gauche.  I found it distasteful.  I found it disrespectful.  I do not think their moms would be proud of that nor them. 

I was turned off.  If they want to share about their moms and mothers, great.  Do that but do not throw in a sales message.  Show some humility.  Show some integrity.  Don’t try to capitalize on this.  If you must pitch a sale make a separate e mail.  Don’t combo something sacred with pitching a sale. 

It was just a big no no to me.  What do you think? 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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Tagged Again


I got tagged again.  Still excited about it.  I have a tiny inferiority complex over it though.  The person that tagged me sophiagurl  did a beautiful job of answering the tag questions.  She also has illustrations and a gorgeous layout on her blog page.  



I am not a technical person.  WordPress and I are in conflict.  Sometimes I have a problem adding the photo you see every day.


I wish I was taller.  


I am attracted to and love purses. handbags, attache cases etc.  I have a tiny collection of whimsical and stunning purses. 


I like brainstorming.  I like to hear ideas from anyone.  These conversations can stimulate me and enhance my creativity.


I adore artistic people.  I wish I was an artist.


When I was a teenager my friends always wanted me to meet their parents.  Parents loved me and that pleased my friends.  So when my friends wanted to lie to their parents about where they were or going I was the excuse/lie/person  they were with.


I may have my times of despair and sorrow but I am an optimist forever.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Here is the blog that I found so lovely and the one that tagged me.


PPS Shortly I will find the blogs I will tag.  sigh – more work!

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Tag I am It

scan001322.jpg   I have been tagged.  Being tagged is a communication game.  It is a way for bloggers to highlight other blogs they like and admire.  Once you get tagged you answer the questions that are being passed around.  Then you get to tag other bloggers. 

I got tagged a couple of days ago and then the post disappeared.  I am glad I got re tagged and the post is now visable so I can get to join in. 

I got tagged by  I just checked out this blog and I like it.  Lots of great ideas and tips and insight. 

The tag topic is 5 Reasons Why I Blog

1. I like to share valuable, helpful, useful information with you.

2. I was a frustrated, closet writer and I can finally express myself.

3. I do have products I would like you to purchase. I can showcase them in my blog.

4. I enjoy writing and communicating.

5. I like the idea of choosing a topic and expressing it clearly, concisely and in an entertaining manner.

So now I have partially bared my soul to you.  I try to avoid talking about myself because this blog is for you.  And I talk about myself a lot with people I know so it is good to get out of that mode. 

Now I have to tag 5 people.  I will have to do that in another post because I have to locate the links etc.  technical stuff.  I am not technical yet. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Still love to hear from you.

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