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Back in August 2006 I attended my first tele seminar.  The speaker was Jinger Jarrett.  I was really excited because she was going to share how to market on the internet using very little money. 

I was very excited by this call.  She shared valuable information.  I found her to be innovating.  She also stayed on the line for questions and was very forthright with her answers.  I really felt she was a person of integrity.

On a personal level she has overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today.  She did not have the most loving upbringing.  Naturally she was affected by her upbringing but she did not let her upbringing determine the rest of her life.  She did what she had to do to find her personal value and truth.  For this I truly admire her. 

The reason I am sharing this is that Jinger did something very personal and special to re create her life.  Not unlike something you can do.  It was hard and she struggled but she succeeded. 

Here is her current bio

“Jinger Jarrett is a former military journalist and newspaper reporter.

She has been in online business for almost five years now, as well as having almost 10 years experience on the Internet and 20 years experience in computers.

Published in over 40 countries throughout the world, her articles have been read by over 1,000,000 people.

Currently, in addition to her own business interests, she is the Ecommerce Director for, and expert panel member for, and a copywriter for

In 2004, she was named to the Marquis Who’s Who of American Women, the most prestigious, and oldest list in America.”

Pretty impressive.  Everyone needs to find their worth and value.  Everyone needs to know what they aspire to.

That is why I would like to recommend to you the e books and reports that Jinger Jarrett has authored.  I know you will find value in them.  They are not expensive.  They are easy to use and read.   

Cash Writing: Writing Articles for Fun and Profit

What a great confidence booster to be able to write and publish your article on the internet.  Whether you do it for money or just the thrill of achievement it is a great read.   

Marketing on Goggle

This report shows you how to use all the free goggle service.  This would be directed towards Internet marketing.  Perhaps an online business has been in your mind.  See what you can do using goggle as a marketing tool.

Tube Traffic

Video is exploding on-the Internet.  This book shows you how to use video for to get visitors to your web site.  This book could be for your business or personal website.

Craig’s List Traffic

This is for the Internet marketer that wants to use Craig’s List a free service to generate visitors to your web site.   If you want to make sales you need traffic.  You can pay for traffic or you can generate it for free.  This is the free way. 

Confidence comes when you become the person you admire.  Confidence comes from aspiring and achieving. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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