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Richard Jeni Shot Himself



 Richard Jeni a comic shot himself. Richard Jeni killed himself.

Richard Jeni was a successful comic. I know nothing about his personal life. I bet there were people that did not know him that were envious of him. I bet there were even some people that wish they were him or at least had his successful life.

I am sure there are people you are envious of. I am sure there are people who’s lives you wish you had. I am also sure there are people who’s success you wish you had.

Envy is a strong emotion. It is also a shallow, superficial emotion. If you were envious of Richard Jeni

would you want your life to end with a self inflicted gunshot? Of course not. So what were you envious of? Just what you saw on the surface. Just a persona. Not the real flesh and blood, feeling, thinking person. Clearly you did not see the agony that Richard Jeni experienced that drove him to end his life.

So how much of your life is spent in envy? What is going on that you look at other people and have fantasies about their lives? Yes envy involves a fantasy. Certainly not actual facts. Why spend your time with a fantasy that is about someone else. Why not have fantasy about your own life?

What would a fantasy about your own life be like? You would probably want to be successful. Okay get your vision of what that would be like? Is it possible? Maybe not in the exact way you see it. But what about the feeling of the fantasy? Is there a feeling of security? Is there a feeling of happiness? Is there a feeling of love? Can you have that part of the fantasy? Of course you can.

If you think really hard you will discover that you do not want the trappings of the fantasy. You want the feeling of the fantasy. The trappings are what you think will give you the feeling you want. If you keep wishing for the trappings that is where you will stay. Wishing for possessions. Not obtaining a feeling of content, confidence, happiness, serenity, etc. Look at Richard Jeni. He has the trappings. But he did not have the feeling.

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