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Your Resume and Interview

scan001320.jpg   I am amazed at how people present themselves at job interviews.  Skills are important but in the end an employer hires a person.  They hire a person that they can get along with and that will fit into the office milieu. 

Your resume.  I bet you think no one really looks to closely at your resume.  Not true. Someone does.  Make sure your resume is top notch.  No typos.  Stick to one page.  Summer and school jobs are not necessary.  If you want to let the company know you are a hard worker you can put a statement on your resume that you had various jobs during the summers and during school and that information will be available upon request. 

The format you choose for your resume is up for grabs.  What is important is that it is easy to read and you list your current jobs first.  Last jobs go last. 

When you write your resume think of how you want to present yourself.  Your resume should be an outline of your accomplishments.  You can provide the details at the interview.  Do not load your resume with BS.  Employers can see through that.

Have someone review your resume for typos or anything that might be unprofessional, over embellished, too long or BS. 

I do not believe that the paper your resume is on is important.  Regular paper is fine.  Don’t waste money on fancy paper.

A cover letter should be provided with your resume.  It should be brief.  It should include the position you are applying for.  Also a sentence why hiring you would benefit the company and why you would shine in the position you are applying for. 

Before you interview research the company you are applying to.  Know some facts about the company. During the interview try to incorporate these facts into your answers.  Evaluate where you have skills related to these facts and let the interviewer know this.  For example if the company has a reputation for excellent customer service discuss how this is important to you and how you have top notch customer service skills.

Turn off your cell phone before you enter the interview room. 

 Once you get an interview dress professionally.  Over dressed is better than underdressed.  No jeans, no untucked shirts, no cleavage no tee shrits, and no clanky jewelry.  Causual is not the way to go.  Professional work attire is the way to go.  You want the interviewer to make contact with you not your attire. 

If you are over dressed the interviewer will not take points off for that.  If you are under dressed or poorly dressed you are done.  You will lose the position due to your attire. 

Be aware of your speech habits.  Do not talk quickly.  You want to be understood.  No slang and gangster talk.  Think before you answer a question.  No fidgeting.  Make eye contact. 

Be confident, be professional. 

The best way to answer a question is with brevity.  Talk about how you can provide benefits to the company based on your skills and past job duties.  Do not brag but rather highlightht yourself in the best possible way.  Express how you would fit into the company.  Do not offer your opinion.  Try to discuss facts only. 

Do not appear stiff but on the other hand do not get buddy buddy.  Do not get relaxed and casual with the interviewer. Things may slip out that are inappropriate.    Keep reminding yourself this is an interview for a professional position. 

Ask questions when it is your turn.  Be prepared.  If there is a second interview that is the time to discuss salary. 

When the interview winds down thank the interviewer and reiterate how much you would like the position and how you would fit into the company and the position.  Make it short but be sure to make a last(ing) impression.

No matter how well you think the interview went keep applying for other positions.  Never count your chickens before they hatch.  And you may find a better position to apply for.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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scan001311.jpg   Am I too honest when I tell you that I have a great product that will help you?

Am I too honest when I tell you to buy that product? 

Can you be “too honest?”

I do not believe that you can be “too honest.”  You have to ask for what you  want.  You have to ask clearly and directly.

Is that being blunt? Perhaps but it is also being straightforward and clear.  If you beat around the bush then you can be misunderstood.   You can  be considered wishy washy, weak, meek, a pushover.  Which is worse?  To be misunderstood and be thought of as wishy washy, weak, meek, a pushover or to be understood and thought of as blunt, straightforward and clear?  I think you know the answer.  

Let’s be clear.  Asking for what you want is not insulting someone.  It is about you and your wants and needs.  Asking for what you want clearly and direclty is an affirmative statement. 

You may not get what you want but if you ask for it you will know where you stand.  It is always better to know where you stand.

If the place you are employed at has no intention in the near future of giving you what you want you can make an educated choice.  Stay or go.  You now have control of your life.  You now have the information to make a decision. 

If you are reticient then you are afraid of what you will find out.  Why?  The truth will not change because you do not seek it. 

So ask for what you want.  Be honest.  Be clear.  Be straightforward.

Help is here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania Rocks


Internet Marketing Mania is for you only if:

you are a serious interent marketer

you want to succed

you want to save money

you want to gain time

you are shrewd

you are sharp

you know a good thing when you see it

you know the difference between an investment and wasting money

you want to take your business to the next level

you are ready to get what you deserve

Marcia Your Confidence Coach

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Get Paid to Read E Mail

scan001320.jpg   Just thought I would pass this on to you.  I joined this site where I get paid to read e mails.  This is not a gimmick.  YOU DO NOT PAY TO JOIN THIS SITE.  THEY PAY YOU.

You get lots of e mails that you read so why not get paid to read them.  You choose the topics you are interested in.  The e mails are on a web page so they will not clutter your in box.

I think this is great for your kids.  They can make some cash while at home under your supervison.

Maybe you know some people that are addicted to their computer.  This could be good for them.  So pass along the site or sign up yourself. 

Get Paid to Read E Mails

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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You are the Boss


Before I started my work at home business I worked in an office.  I enjoyed working in an office but I knew that I could earn a substantially better income if I had my own business.   

Transitioning from an office based job to a work at home business was challenging.  In my office based job I had a series of tasks I was responsible for.  In my work at home business I was responsible for everything.  That was a huge change.   

If something did not go right I could not hold the boss or a co worker responsible.  IF something did not go right I was responsible.  When something did not go right I felt annoyed, disappointed, frustrated, discouraged, irritated, concerned.  I felt stressed out.   

Feeling stressed out will happen when you have a work at home business.  No one likes to feel stressed out.  It is not a pleasant feeling.  So what should you do when you feel stressed out?   

The answer is simple.  Take a break.  Do not take a break in your home office. Leave your home office.  Go into another room.   Give yourself five minutes to de stress.  Set a timer.  If you set a timer you will not focus on when your five minutes are up. You will have the whole five minutes to focus on de stressing.  Do whatever relaxes you.  Have a snack, daydream, do some breathing exercises,  listen to music, take a walk,  look out your window,  play with your pets, give yourself a mini massage, do some stretches, meditate,  light a scented candle,  have a laugh.   

When your five minutes are up go back to work.  Do not dawdle.  Go to it.  If there is one task that is still causing you stress put it aside.  Move on to another task.  The only rule here is you must tackle the task that is causing you stress by the end of your work day.   You can not put it off.  You may have to do it and feel stressed anyway.  You are the boss and that is what bosses have to do sometimes.  Here’s to your success at your work at home business. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Organizing Your To Do List

Organizing Your to do List


Each day you need to prepare your daily to do list for your work at home business.  At the end of your day you should review your daily to do list.  When you do this you will notice that there are some tasks that you did not complete.  You will probably carry these over to the next day.  After a few days you will notice that there are certain tasks that you have not completed.  You have carried these tasks over for a few days and they are still incomplete, or untouched. 

This carry over of to do tasks can have two outcomes.  The first one is excellent.


Now you have learned something about how to organize and prioritize your to do list and your day.  You have noticed that the to do tasks that you carry over are probably not important nor urgent.  They were not completed and things turned out fine.  They were not completed and things are still moving along.  You are succeeding at your work at home business.  This is exactly how you prioritize your list.  This is exactly how you learn what you must do and what you thought you had to do.


Now you have learned something about how to organize and prioritize your to do list and your day.  You have noticed that the to do things that you carry over are probably VERY important and or urgent.  You have learned that you avoided doing the important things.  You have learned that doing the important things make you feel uncomfortable, queasy, and nervous.   You have learned that you procrastinated doing the important things.  Don’t worry and stress out over this.  You will conquer this and get back on to the path to work at home success. 

Here is the solution.  DO THE THINGS YOU AVOID FIRST EACH DAY.  Jot down some ideas on how to approach these tasks.  Mull over these ideas.  Practice and rehearse how you will approach these tasks.  Then do them.  Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable, queasy and nervous doing these tasks.  Each time you do a task that is uncomfortable you will get better and better at it.  You will be back on your path to success at your work at home business.

Please leave a comment.  Let me know what you would like to hear about. 

Thanks, Marcia Your Confidence Coach

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Planning Your Day


When you work at home you must to plan your day.  The best way to plan your day is with a list.  You must write down what you need to get done for the day. 

Do not keep these items in yout head.  Storing to do items in your head is foolish.  You will forget some of the to do items if you store them in your head.  You will focus on the do items that are not important.  You must focus on the task at hand.  If you store a list in your head you will be distracted.  You will be focusing on remembering your to do list. 

Make a written list.  I like to keep  a notebook especially for my to do lists.  I date each entry.  I cross out what I have completed.  I review what I did not complete.  Any incomplete tasks that still require action I transfer to the new to do list.  I do this at the end of the work day.  Things are fresh in my mind. 

Using a notebook for my to do list is an organizational tool.  My daily tasks are in one easily accessible place.  If Iget discouraged I can look back and see what I have accomplished. 

Since you are a beginner at working at home write down everything and anything you want to accomplish for the day.  It is fine if it is a big list for the day.  The important point is to put your tasks on a list.  The important point is to remove these tasks from your mind.  The important point is to be able to foucs on the task at hand. 

Keep doing this everyday.  You will get better and better at wrting down your tasks.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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