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Wrong Side of the Bed

scan00131.jpg   Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?  I do sometimes.  Once that happens things can go from bad to worse.  The first little thing that upset your day may seem tiny compared to the next bigger things that occur.  Then comes the downward spiral.  Cursing, irritation, bad mood etc.  Your day can be ruined in  a matter of minutes. 

Here is another scenerio.  You wake up excited and happy or maybe just ok.  Then you get side swiped.  Bad news, bad stuff.  Why???  Who knows?  Who even cares anymore.  All you care about is that the day is no longer going the way you wanted it to.  Stress, anxiety, disappointment.  You know the drill.  You live the drill.  You are resigned to the drill.

Here is where it gets scary.  You expect the drill.  STOP.  You do not deserve the drill.  You deserve better.  You are a good person.  You try. 

Circumstances intercede.  Maybe some of them could have been avoided if only you knew they were coming.  If only you knew that what you said or did or did not say or do soemtime ago would come back to haunt you.

Let’s take a new approach.  You are not a mind reader.  You can not live your life analyzing every word and movement.  Besides you probably do that to some degree.  You probably did not tell off your boss although you wanted to .  You knew better.  You know a lot. 

So let’s assume these things will happen from time to time.  Let’s take a better approach to deal with these unforeseen things. 

Are you with me?  Or are you still back there hitting yourselffor not knowing that something you did or did not do is now biting you.  Forget about it.  It is done and over.  You are here now feeling badly. 

So what do you do with feeling badly?  The answer is so simple you are going to be irate with me.  Don’t get mad at me but here it is.  You do something that makes you feel better.  You accomplish something to give you a boost.  You congratulate yourself on a success. 

Why look at your disappointments when you can easily look at your successes?  If you don’t like the scenery in your head change the view. 

This all sounds good, right?  But you are resisting.  Too simple, not do able, silly.  Maybe but do you want to try it or do you want to stay feeling bad? 

You choose.  I do.  I choose to get out the muck and get into the scenery I enjoy. 

Bad day, good day.  It is your day.  It is your life. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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You are the Boss


Before I started my work at home business I worked in an office.  I enjoyed working in an office but I knew that I could earn a substantially better income if I had my own business.   

Transitioning from an office based job to a work at home business was challenging.  In my office based job I had a series of tasks I was responsible for.  In my work at home business I was responsible for everything.  That was a huge change.   

If something did not go right I could not hold the boss or a co worker responsible.  IF something did not go right I was responsible.  When something did not go right I felt annoyed, disappointed, frustrated, discouraged, irritated, concerned.  I felt stressed out.   

Feeling stressed out will happen when you have a work at home business.  No one likes to feel stressed out.  It is not a pleasant feeling.  So what should you do when you feel stressed out?   

The answer is simple.  Take a break.  Do not take a break in your home office. Leave your home office.  Go into another room.   Give yourself five minutes to de stress.  Set a timer.  If you set a timer you will not focus on when your five minutes are up. You will have the whole five minutes to focus on de stressing.  Do whatever relaxes you.  Have a snack, daydream, do some breathing exercises,  listen to music, take a walk,  look out your window,  play with your pets, give yourself a mini massage, do some stretches, meditate,  light a scented candle,  have a laugh.   

When your five minutes are up go back to work.  Do not dawdle.  Go to it.  If there is one task that is still causing you stress put it aside.  Move on to another task.  The only rule here is you must tackle the task that is causing you stress by the end of your work day.   You can not put it off.  You may have to do it and feel stressed anyway.  You are the boss and that is what bosses have to do sometimes.  Here’s to your success at your work at home business. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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