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It’s Sunday


Today is Sunday.  Sunday is usually a day off from work. So what am I doing working?  I am the Boss and the Boss said I have a job to do today, Sunday.  I am sure that now that you are the Boss you understand why I am working on a Sunday.   However, I am a kind boss.  I am working on a Sunday but I am not working all of Sunday.  I have a small project to complete.  I have devoted one hour to this project and then I will be off for the rest of the day. Working one hour on Sunday is not that bad.  As a matter of fact it is just fine.  How do you schedule time off?  Now that you are the Boss you need to think about your time creatively.  You need to think out of the box.  Since you work at home you have more time for work.  You do not need to consider travel time to and from work. You home is your work place.  If you want to jump out of bed and go to work in your pajamas you can do that.  You do not have to spend time dressing for work.  I do not advise this but if you are in a pinch it is an option.  So what about time off?  How does that fit into your work now that you are responsible for everything.  After all you are the Boss.   The first thing to do is to plan your day.  That includes your work time as well as your non work time.  When you work for yourself you need to stop thinking about work days.  You need to think about work time.  Work time is how much time you need to accomplish your to do list.  Suppose you have 5 work tasks and two personal tasks.  You can certainly break up your day and allocate time for your personal tasks/appointments. For example:   8AM to 11:00AM Work Tasks                     

                     11:15AM to 12:00PM Personal Tasks/Appointments                     

                     12:10PM to 3:00PM Work Tasks                       

                     3:10PM to 4PM Personal Tasks/Appointments                       

                     4:10PM to 6PM Work Tasks  You need to be a kind boss.  You need to give yourself time off to take care of your personal business.  By scheduling and planning you will accomplish what you need to.  You will also enjoy yourself.  You will also be able to do what is important to you.  One perk of being the boss is that you can schedule time for your family, outside interests, appointments, and the things that matter to you.  You can also have a productive work day.  Isn’t that one of the reasons you wanted to have a work at home business?   I have some products that are chock full information about this and more.  Please join my free newsletter.  I am sure it will be an invaluable tool for you. Marcia, Your Confidence Coach                       


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