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It is Time For your Check Up and Check In


It is time for your check up.  It is time for your check in.  You are checking up on yourself.  You are checking in with yourself.  This is something you need to do on a schedule.  You must check in and see how you are doing. You must check in and see how you are feeling. 


How are you doing?  Are you getting things done in a timely fashion?  Are you moving forward?  Do you have challenges?  Do you have set backs where things did not work out as planned? 


I know these are a lot of questions.  Perhaps you are feeling annoyed that I am asking questions instead of giving you answers.  Please don’t be irritated.  A question leads to an answer.  You must ask questions to get answers.  Questions give you insight.  Questions lead to progress.  Questions lead to information.  Remember how they said in school there are no stupid questions.  They were right. 


So go ahead and ask yourself the questions.  Evaluate yourself.  You may find out that the things that did not go as planned are things you need to educate yourself about.  Perhaps you assumed something.  Perhaps you expected something to happen.  Now you know not to assume things.  Now you know not to expect things to just happen.  Now you have learned something.  Now you can formulate a plan.  Now you can take a different approach to your task.  This is why you must check in with yourself.  This is why you must check up on yourself.  Perhaps this check up showed you that things are going better than you thought.  You will never know unless you check in with yourself.  You will never know unless you check up on yourself. 


Next you need to check up on how you are feeling.  Next you must check in with how you are feeling.  How are you feeling?  Tired, discouraged, stressed, hungry, great, excited, and confident?  If you are feeling tired, discouraged, stressed, or hungry you need to tackle this.  What can you do to not feel like this?  Are you pushing yourself too hard?  Are you expecting miracles instead of results?  Are you being unrealistic in your expectations?  More questions.  More answers.  More insights.  Take a look at your feelings and give yourself a workable answer.  A workable answer is not that you will feel better tomorrow. A workable answer is a solution or plan you can implement.  A workable answer is something you can measure and evaluate. 


If you are feeling great, excited and confident I must compliment you.  You are taking an approach that is working for you.  You are tackling your work at home business seriously and going for solutions.  You are concentrating on being effective.  You are on the path to success.


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


PS Please comment.  Please send questions.  I want to address what is important to you. 


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You are the Boss


Before I started my work at home business I worked in an office.  I enjoyed working in an office but I knew that I could earn a substantially better income if I had my own business.   

Transitioning from an office based job to a work at home business was challenging.  In my office based job I had a series of tasks I was responsible for.  In my work at home business I was responsible for everything.  That was a huge change.   

If something did not go right I could not hold the boss or a co worker responsible.  IF something did not go right I was responsible.  When something did not go right I felt annoyed, disappointed, frustrated, discouraged, irritated, concerned.  I felt stressed out.   

Feeling stressed out will happen when you have a work at home business.  No one likes to feel stressed out.  It is not a pleasant feeling.  So what should you do when you feel stressed out?   

The answer is simple.  Take a break.  Do not take a break in your home office. Leave your home office.  Go into another room.   Give yourself five minutes to de stress.  Set a timer.  If you set a timer you will not focus on when your five minutes are up. You will have the whole five minutes to focus on de stressing.  Do whatever relaxes you.  Have a snack, daydream, do some breathing exercises,  listen to music, take a walk,  look out your window,  play with your pets, give yourself a mini massage, do some stretches, meditate,  light a scented candle,  have a laugh.   

When your five minutes are up go back to work.  Do not dawdle.  Go to it.  If there is one task that is still causing you stress put it aside.  Move on to another task.  The only rule here is you must tackle the task that is causing you stress by the end of your work day.   You can not put it off.  You may have to do it and feel stressed anyway.  You are the boss and that is what bosses have to do sometimes.  Here’s to your success at your work at home business. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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