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Someone to Admire – Kent Sayre


This is a brief bio of Kent Sayre.  I was attracted to Kent’s story for a number of reasons.  He describes himself s painfully shy.  Yet he graduated college.  Being painfully shy he must have struggled with speaking in class.  He also must have had a hard time speaking to his fellow students as well as his professors. 

Next he went out and got a job.  He had to converse with an interviewer.  That can be tough even if you are not painfully shy. Interviews can make the best of us nervous.  Once he was employed he needed to speak to his boss.  Another white knuckle experience.  Bosses can be intimidating.  He also had to speak to his co workers.  In the best of times your co workers can give you mixed signals.  That makes it difficult to speak freely with them. 

Once he made these strides he gave it all up.  You would think he would be afraid to leave this all behind him.  He was painfully shy as well as lacking confidence.  Despite this he became a real estate mogul.  He purchased this real estate without using any of his own money.  That is pretty crafty.  He had to speak to someone official to execute this task.  He did that at age 25.  I am impressed.  Yet there was more he wanted to do.  He wanted to share his secret of success.  So at age 27 he wrote the book Unstoppable Confidence.  Imagine that, at age 27 Kent was so together that he could write a book that other people could use to benefit from.  Even more amazing this book has been endorsed by Robert Allen and Brian Tracy. 

It seems that Kent Sayre was no longer painfully shy.  More than that it seems that Kent Sayre had unstoppable confidence.  It seems that Kent Sayre had confidence galore.

Wouldn’t you love to have this much confidence?  What if nothing could stop you from pursuing your dreams?  What if you jumped out of bed each day feeling wonderful?  What would your life be like if you had Unstoppable Confidence? 

You can have Unstoppable Confidence.  Kent Sayre lived it and he can show you how.  Check out his book.  It can only make your life better.

To get Kent Sayre’s book just click here.

Your life is waiting for you.  

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

About Kent Sayre,

America‘s Favorite Hypnotist

Being painfully shy, Kent Sayre graduated with a master’s degree in computer science and went to work for a major high-tech company.  After discovering some breakthrough methods for transforming himself, he quit his job, overcame his shyness, and went on to purchase two million dollars of real estate using none of his own money by the age of 25.By age 27, he had written his groundbreaking, bestselling book Unstoppable Confidence for overcoming shyness.  It sold over 29,615 copies the first year alone and was endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Robert Allen and Ron LeGrand.
Kent has also authored the hot-selling underground smash hit “The Ultimate Persuasion Formula.”  Those customers lucky enough to get a copy of this prized course discovered insider persuasion tactics that no other guru had the chops to share… the kind of hidden, dangerously powerful persuasion strategies that are shared only amongst the players in the back room… when everything is “off-the-record.” 
Kent speaks at and presents many seminars.
The Ultimate Persuasion Formula presents his proven, breakthrough technology for talking anyone into anything, anytimeMr. Sayre is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified master hypnotist.


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