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Someone to Admire – Kent Sayre


This is a brief bio of Kent Sayre.  I was attracted to Kent’s story for a number of reasons.  He describes himself s painfully shy.  Yet he graduated college.  Being painfully shy he must have struggled with speaking in class.  He also must have had a hard time speaking to his fellow students as well as his professors. 

Next he went out and got a job.  He had to converse with an interviewer.  That can be tough even if you are not painfully shy. Interviews can make the best of us nervous.  Once he was employed he needed to speak to his boss.  Another white knuckle experience.  Bosses can be intimidating.  He also had to speak to his co workers.  In the best of times your co workers can give you mixed signals.  That makes it difficult to speak freely with them. 

Once he made these strides he gave it all up.  You would think he would be afraid to leave this all behind him.  He was painfully shy as well as lacking confidence.  Despite this he became a real estate mogul.  He purchased this real estate without using any of his own money.  That is pretty crafty.  He had to speak to someone official to execute this task.  He did that at age 25.  I am impressed.  Yet there was more he wanted to do.  He wanted to share his secret of success.  So at age 27 he wrote the book Unstoppable Confidence.  Imagine that, at age 27 Kent was so together that he could write a book that other people could use to benefit from.  Even more amazing this book has been endorsed by Robert Allen and Brian Tracy. 

It seems that Kent Sayre was no longer painfully shy.  More than that it seems that Kent Sayre had unstoppable confidence.  It seems that Kent Sayre had confidence galore.

Wouldn’t you love to have this much confidence?  What if nothing could stop you from pursuing your dreams?  What if you jumped out of bed each day feeling wonderful?  What would your life be like if you had Unstoppable Confidence? 

You can have Unstoppable Confidence.  Kent Sayre lived it and he can show you how.  Check out his book.  It can only make your life better.

To get Kent Sayre’s book just click here.

Your life is waiting for you.  

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

About Kent Sayre,

America‘s Favorite Hypnotist

Being painfully shy, Kent Sayre graduated with a master’s degree in computer science and went to work for a major high-tech company.  After discovering some breakthrough methods for transforming himself, he quit his job, overcame his shyness, and went on to purchase two million dollars of real estate using none of his own money by the age of 25.By age 27, he had written his groundbreaking, bestselling book Unstoppable Confidence for overcoming shyness.  It sold over 29,615 copies the first year alone and was endorsed by Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Robert Allen and Ron LeGrand.
Kent has also authored the hot-selling underground smash hit “The Ultimate Persuasion Formula.”  Those customers lucky enough to get a copy of this prized course discovered insider persuasion tactics that no other guru had the chops to share… the kind of hidden, dangerously powerful persuasion strategies that are shared only amongst the players in the back room… when everything is “off-the-record.” 
Kent speaks at and presents many seminars.
The Ultimate Persuasion Formula presents his proven, breakthrough technology for talking anyone into anything, anytimeMr. Sayre is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified master hypnotist.


February 9, 2007 - Posted by | true success story, unstoppable confidence


  1. Wow that is absolutely inspiring!! Its amazing how Kent came so far ahead in life.


    Comment by Amanda | February 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. yes, he is an inspiration.

    Comment by marcia siegel | February 23, 2007 | Reply

    Please change my mailing address.
    Ray Fleshman, Sr.
    PO Box 801
    Manchester, MD 21102-0801

    Ray Fleshman, Sr.
    124 Nation Road
    Hodges, SC 29653

    You have been sending me 3 copies of every mailing. Please cancel 2 of the names from your master list.

    Thank you!


    Comment by RAY FLESHMAN, SR. | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  4. I am very surprised with the comments Marcia made as it has been clearly established that Kent Sayre is no more than a leads collector. I received the exact same package so I
    Googled him; thank God I did given what I found out below.
    I am very surprised with the comments Marcia made
    as it has been clearly established that Kent Sayre is
    no more than a leads collector, and in fact, you will be
    wasting your $15 as all he does is gets your name,
    uses it for his leads lists, and then sells your name
    AGAIN to other leads lists. Makes perfect sense, for
    him, until you read below:

    Kent Sayre is the owner of Unstoppable Marketing,
    a direct marketing company out of Oregon, and
    it’s critically important you learn more about this
    “marketing” before you go blowing more money on
    scams, get-rich-quick schemes and other “programs”
    designed to empty your pockets and leave you
    stranded with no support, no leverage, no hope.

    Stop falling for scams that don’t work! Over 90% of
    the “business opportunities” and “money making
    programs” you see flow through your mail box

    They are purely designed to attract the gullible, the
    ignorant and never deliver any real value or a
    sustainable model that would work for other people.

    But why? It’s simple really. Kent Sayre, Unstoppable
    Marketing and other professional direct mailers
    keep information and strategy from you.
    They don’t tell you what they are really doing.
    They never show you what makes their systems
    really work… why would they??

    They would only be training their competition.
    They don’t really want you to KNOW marketing. They
    just want you to order.

    I received a bright yellow letter that exclaimed in
    HUGE LETTERS that his system is:

    “Stunning… Hard To Believe… But 100% True… Read
    On To See How…

    You Get Paid And EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY Done
    For You!”

    (and if you buy into that load of garbage you deserve
    to get ripped off!) It then goes on to state:

    “We do the mailings for you! We close the sales for you!
    We talk to the customers for you! We setup everything
    for you! We run everything for you!”

    That’s exactly what the front page of this “letter” says
    that I received recently by Kent Sayre and his
    “Unstoppable Marketing” company…

    It’s amazing that there ARE people who continue to
    fall for that over the top hype without really analyzing
    what type business model this is and how money is

    This is a funded proposal offer designed to generate
    Kent Sayre a leads list. He’s basically asking YOU
    to pay for HIS marketing by ordering his “super secret”
    “SPECIAL REPORT” in which he promises to teach you
    how to get rich without lifting a finger…

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that the ignorant
    will send in the $15 bucks and completely lose it.

    But this gets a little deeper on the other side of the
    marketing pipeline… You see, after you order the
    “SPECIAL REPORT” and waste your $15 dollars, you’re
    only paying to become a lead and your information
    most times is sold to countless other list brokers and
    you begin to get more junk mail. You’re also put into
    a marketing funnel in which you’re pitched a higher
    priced get-rich-quick program in which you pay more
    money and get NO TRAINING or real support

    It’s a numbers game in which nobody has the incentive
    to really help you learn how to market. You’re basically
    just traded like cattle from one offer to the next. You
    begin to receive more offers for “coaching” and
    special “training” and “courses” by the “gurus” but
    you never get real mentorship, no leverage and you
    lose money placing ads to build THEIR LISTS and get
    sucked into a vicious cycle that costs normal everyday
    people BILLIONS of dollars and most quietly keep
    going from one program to another until they run
    out of money.

    Before you order anything from Kent Sayre or
    Unstoppable Marketing or any other offer that looks
    “too good to be true”, you should instead get EDUCATED
    and connect with people who really do teach the
    fundamentals of making money from home both
    online and offline.

    You will never make any money or build any REAL
    business until you stop just responding to hype and
    actually MEET people who really do teach you and
    help you and support you with legitimate programs
    that are easily duplicated.

    Please learn what marketing is all about and connect
    with true people you can call and talk with and this
    way you can learn how to market from home effectively
    and return the favor and truly help others. Imagine the
    people you can help BEFORE they fall prey to some
    slick talking hustler who is not offering anything of
    The reason the above bothers me is I received this
    exact same letter in the mail. I actually read it over,
    but when the person who wrote the above went on,
    one thing stood out . . . the bright yellow letter; imagine
    that, I had the exact same offer in my hands and was
    almost ready to order it, although deep down, I kind of
    knew that for $15, and even with the $15 being
    refunded if you asked for it, trust me, a refund is NEVER
    as good as the paper it’s written on when coming from
    something you receive in the mail or anything you order
    on the internet.

    The only “true” refunds are those made by reputable
    companies that are big enough they will not hassle you if
    you want a refund. You should NEVER believe in a refund
    coming from someone you don’t know or someone you are not
    sure about.

    I believe in Amazon’s refunds, companies like that, but
    I would do my research if I was buying something from a
    company you’ve never heard of especially for a lousy $15.

    Plus everyone seems to forget that those $15 purchases DO
    add up to be a large amount if you are constantly paying
    for smaller offer opportunities.

    So if you buy from Kent Sayre, just remember, the
    person above knows what he’s talking about or he
    would have never written it, not to mention NO offer
    that is going to make you any kind of money is only
    going to cost $15. I know this as I’ve been scammed
    more times than I care to remember.

    If I’m wrong about Kent, GREAT!! If I’m RIGHT about Kent,
    then just remember I tried to warn you. But I know the
    feeling of being ripped of and the pit you get in your
    stomach when you realize the “real” story, especially
    when you can’t get your money back or have to go through
    hoops to get it back.

    At least this is just for $15, but if you keep buying in to offers like this, IF his offer should turn out to be what
    I think it is, you will no doubt end up paying a lot more than $15. Do you really think he’s going to stop at $15 . . . . didn’t think so.

    I’m just taking out a bit of time in my day as I have plenty to do without stopping to do this, but at least I am a very fast typist, having done medical transcription all my life, so this probably took me 4 minutes to type up.

    Further, this is just my opinion. Do NOT jump all over me if you feel I’m wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in this country, and I’m only trying to save what is probably a lot of people, ultimately, a few dollars that could be better spent on groceries, gas, etc.

    I truly hope I’m wrong, but I highly doubt it as I have the exact same letter sitting here in front of me, and every word the other commenter stated IS TRUE.

    C. L.

    Comment by Corinne Larimore | December 18, 2009 | Reply

  5. This is just a note for Corrine.. the information you published is from another marketer. It looks like a competitor of Kent Sayre’s. His name is Franco Gonzalez, be careful where you get your information from. It seems a little shady to me that he is calling Kent a scam artist but HE is an internet marketer doing exactly the same thing as Kent, only he does it online. It makes sense that he’s try to slam him- they are competitors. I’ve ordered from Kent before and when I asked for a refund I got it promptly.

    Sandra L. from Kentucky

    Comment by Sandra | April 20, 2010 | Reply

  6. Kent is a scam artist. He lied to me about a program and scammed me out of $3,450. His unstoppable program changed after I sent the money in. No CASH, just a w-9 form and a bunch of lies. I wrote 3 times for a refund, with no response at all. It was most of the money I had saved, and I hope Karma ends him up on the streets without a dime, but I guess with more trusting souls than me out there, he will be able to continue his preying on the poor who just trust him to provide what he advertises, evilly.

    Comment by Crickett | July 19, 2010 | Reply

  7. I was just getting ready to order your unstople marking already done for you opportunity, until I read how you rip off people for there money you crook. You are no dame good and one day you will meet your maker and you can tell him why you rip off all the people did. So dont send me any more of your junknot interested. thanks anyway. maybe you can meet me one day and my 5/10-1/2 frame 185lbs and see if I can get you stright on a few things by now.

    Comment by David Morningstar | September 11, 2010 | Reply

  8. It’s a shame that there are so many people in this world who LIE and rip off the people who can least afford it. I have a drawer full of these scams as I was layed off from a job after 23 years and I got online searching for ways to earn money. These people are like sharks. I don’t understand why this isn’t against the law. That’s why Ive kept most of these. If I could create a job busting these folks and prosecuting them then I could work for a long time! It really is sad that someone could get money this way and be able to sleep at night.

    Comment by Valerie | February 12, 2011 | Reply

  9. Got the big yellow envelope today What a waste of time reading it when it will cost you just under $3500 dollars for coins. I have collected coins for years and do not need any crap like this program. It is all just going into file 13. Good luck to all. JP

    Comment by Joe Pavitt | May 5, 2011 | Reply

  10. I do not have a web site. Thanks JP

    Comment by Joe Pavitt | May 5, 2011 | Reply

  11. Don’t give your phone or email or mailing address to Kent or his associates.
    I have gotten many phone calls, emails and junk mail, traced directly back to Ken.
    His site does not list an email.
    I tried calling his number on his site.
    A recording says they answer their phones.
    All I got was a recording.
    I left a message asking him not to call me anymore.
    I got more calls.
    Just forget dealing with Kent

    Comment by Bill Williams | October 5, 2011 | Reply


    Comment by CARL TAPP (@MAKAHAYAN) | July 20, 2012 | Reply

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