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Average Joe Income Package


The Average Joe Income Package has been around for a while.  I was thinking about the title.

The title “Average Joe Income Package” did not appeal to me.  Does anyone want to be average?  Then I went past my resistance of the title and looked at the product. 

The title suddenly seemed good to me.  The Average Joe Income Package is for beginners.  You can be average and succeed.  That is a good concept.  If you hadto be a super star to succeed on the internet that would probably eliminate most of us.  We all start on line marketing as average, beginners, needing to learn.

We all need a detailed system to show us how to get started.  That is what The Average Joe Income Package is.  It contains videos and text.  It also is updated via e mails and a website.  That is very important.  The internet changes in a flash.  You need to know the current updated info. 

Once you get this excellent package watch the videos and read the text before you start.  You need to soak up the knowledge in order to implement it.  Once you have done that you can get rocking. 

Start average and turn out super.  That is a good deal. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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Online Marketers – Work Smart

scan001316.jpg   A long time ago I learned the expression,  “You can work hard or you can work smart.”  That expression appealed to me.  I am not opposed to working hard for what I want.  However, working hard can sometimes impede and slow down your path to success.  Sometimes you need to work smart not hard. 

The best way to put that statement in perspective is to think of the extreme.  Being lazy and working on and off is not the way to reach your goals in any quick amount of time.  You may get there but I doubt it.  You will probably loose interest along the way.  How long can you wait to reach your goal? 

Working on and off and being lazy probably means you are not goal oriented.  So it will be hit or miss for you.  Also you will have a difficult time reviewing where you are at, where you came from ,what you have accomplished and what still needs to be done.  If you need to change your path and plans it will also be hard to access that.  Lastly working on and off means you are lacking a plan and a formula.  You are really not into what you are doing.

Working hard will be involved on your path to success.  I know that for some people this is a turn off.  Sorry but I have to be truthful.  However, at some point you will be confronted with the choice to work hard or work smart. 

Working smart means you make a choice to do a task in an easier more efficient way. 

Here is an example.  You are going to write a report.  You spend time researching and writing that report.  You work hard.  You have someone review your report and they do not think it is on target.  You will have to re do most of the report. You are surprised and disappointed.  You worked hard on that report. But you did not work smart.

If you worked smart you would have taken some time to think about what you wanted to accomplish with the report.  You would have formulated what the point of the report is.  If you did that one step before writing you would be working smart.  The report would practically write itself because you know what you want to say.  And you would not need to re do the report. It would be done in on shot.

Another example is to use a product to automate what you are doing.   If you are going to do a repetitive task why do it over each time?  Why not get a system to do it for you?   Do it once and then it will be done for you over and over. 

Working smart also gives you added enthusiasm.  It allows you to increase your productivity.  It also allows you to increase your free time. The value to you is huge. 

Working smart means working less hours if you can streamline or automate a process.

Before you can work smart you need to find the areas where you can do this.  Can you hire someone to do some of these things?  That is working smart.  Can you purchase and use a product to help you work smart? 

Upon your review you will discover that there are many areas of your business as well as personal life where you can work smart instead of hard.

Online marketers you know exactly what I am talking about.  You spend many hours a day doing repetitive tasks.  You know your time could be better spent. You know you should be working smart.  You want to work smart. 

To get you on the path to working smart I have a software package  for you.  I have told you about the Marketing Maniac.  He may be a maniac but he knows how to work smart. 


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania Rocks


Internet Marketing Mania is for you only if:

you are a serious interent marketer

you want to succed

you want to save money

you want to gain time

you are shrewd

you are sharp

you know a good thing when you see it

you know the difference between an investment and wasting money

you want to take your business to the next level

you are ready to get what you deserve

Marcia Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania Hits the Internet


Why am I still on this topic??? Because sometimes my job here is to make sure you succeed. I know I can’t make you successful. But I can introduce you to tips, ideas, techniques and products that can help you succeed.

Internet Marketing Mania is a must have to get you going, to get you on the path to success.

Why haven’t you checked it out?

  • You don’t trust me. OK so don’t trust me (although I am a little disheartened by this, if it is true). Check it out for yourself. It is a software package. You can read what it does. It is a tangible product. It is not a method. It is not a concept. It is a real actual product that you can use.
  • You don’t need it. Sorry but this is a misconception on your part. You do need it.
  • Too expensive. Time is money. Save time, save money.  And You won’t believe the price It’s that inexpensive.
  • Can’t afford it. You can’t be  serious about Internet marketing.
  • Thinking about it. OK think and think but what are you waiting for? Either you realize you need it and get it or you are not serious about Internet marketing. Sorry to be a broken record but the truth is the truth.

You already got it. Smart person.

Internet Marketing Mania is the future. Click here to see what you must have now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania

scan00136.jpg  It is finally here!!!   You are hearing about this for the first time.

Internet Marketing Mania is the latest, newest, best software package around.  This package will save you time.  This package will make you money.  This package is a must have.  You can not do without this package.

WHY????  It includes TEN (10) pieces of software.  The price is $97.00.  That is $9.70 per software product.  $9.70 for business, professional software that you must have. 

The Internet Marketing Maniac is selling this product below cost.  He must be a maniac and a nut but who cares.  You get the benefit of this low, low price of this most excellent software. 


 What a confidence booster to be able to purchase something so valuable and useful at such a discounted price. 

If you are a serious internet marketer you must have this package.  I know I used a lot of adjectives here but honestly check it for yourself. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Marketing, Advertising a System

scan001318.jpg   I know I had a lot of information on Niche Advertising Secrets.  I also know it was a big post.

I also know you are busy and in a hurry but please do not make a hasty business decision.  Please get and absorb all the knowledge you need.  Once you have made your decision then act without haste.


I would like to tell you a short story.

I went to observe a motivational/sales trainer.  He was talking to a group of car salesmen.  He suggested a technique to get some customers.  It was unique, unusual and off beat.  He told the salesmen to leave their business cards (lots of them) in certain places such as waiting rooms, spots events etc. 

That may get you one or two customers but you would not want to count on this.  This was a free for all tip.  This was a maybe this will work tip.

You can not run your business and count on these things.  You must have a system that is generating income for you.  That is why you should get Niche Advertising Secrets.  It shows you a system.  It has a plan you can implement.  This is why Niche Advertising Secrets will propel your business forward. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Ads that get you Sales


I just found another great article for you.  This will get you on your way to writing excellent ads that get you the reponse you want.


Why Some Ads Fail Miserably While Others Succeed Wonderfully

By David Garfinkel

© 2002 David Garfinkel

The voice on the other end of the phone was tense and
impatient.  It was a new client calling.  After we
introduced ourselves, he got right to the point: “Our
advertising isn’t working and we need some help.”

Who I was talking doesn’t matter very much, because it could
have been almost any of my clients.  That’s because,
statistically, most advertising doesn’t work – if by “work”
you mean, bring in new business.  Think about your own ads.
Even if they already generate leads or create sales for you,
don’t you have the sneakin’ suspicion they could be working
a lot better?

Here are two reasons why most ads don’t work at all – or if
they work, why they deliver far less business than they

1. Most ads don’t get the attention of your prospects.  This
is pretty basic.  It is physically impossible for prospects
to contact you unless they know about you, and if you’re
counting on them to find out about you from your
advertising, then step one is for your ad to get your
prospects’ attention.  Unfortunately, some ads actually do
get attention, but…

2. These ads get the attention of your prospect in the wrong
way.  For an ad to generate a qualified lead or create an
immediate sale, it must start off on the right foot.  That
“right foot” sets the right tone and invites a qualified
prospect to call you.  I just saw an ad in Newsweek that
still has me wondering what it’s about and why someone spent
tens of thousands of dollars on it.  (Bet it wasn’t their
own money.) 

The ad shows a boy on a bicycle flying through the air, out
in the wilderness.  The headline, in a semicircle, says,
“They will always fall before they fly.”  Since I’m not a
kid and I’m not a parent, it doesn’t do much for me. 

But wait – even if I were a parent or a kid, I still don’t
think this ad is going to sell me on anything that would
make the advertiser any money.  If I were a kid, the only
thing this ad could sell me on is taking these kind of risks
to annoy my parents.  And if I were a parent, the only thing
I can imagine this ad would sell me on is making sure my kid
never rides his mountain bike in hilly terrain – since,
obviously, the kid in the picture is on a collision course
with certain death.

I’ve got to hand it to this ad in one department – it’s
interesting.  It got my attention.  But that’s as far as it

The Headline’s The Thing

Let’s get off this negative track and look at some ads that
I am certain are making money.  These are not from a glossy
national magazine, but small ads from today’s local
newspaper.  (By the way, small ads that run in the newspaper
are usually paid for by the person who wrote them.  And
these ads get to the point and are likely to be profitable.
Hmmm… I wonder if I’m noticing a trend here… )

All I’m going to show you are the headlines of these ads.
But I promise you, the headlines are all you need to see.
Tell me if you can guess what each ad is about, and who its
target market is:

1. Lose 3-5 Pounds Per Week With The System Proven By Over
90,000 Successful Patients

2. Up To 40% Savings On Heating And Cooling Costs With A
(Brand Name) Foam Roof

3. Men And Women – Remove Unwanted Hair Today!

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Not very clever.  Not
very hip.  In fact, those headlines are downright boring!

Hmmm.  I have two things to say about that.  First, if you
have tried everything under the sun to lose 40 pounds and
you are frustrated to the point of tears, then headline
number 1 isn’t that boring to you. (And I would say the same
regarding people in the target market for headlines 2 and

The second thing is I want to say is, yes, and it’s also
pretty boring to stand in line at the bank waiting to make a
large deposit into your business checking account.  But you
know what?  Once you’ve gotten past that boredom barrier,
it’s actually sort of nice.  You know?

And here’s some interesting news:  A good headline on your
ad will get you 90% of the way from the agony of defeat to
the ecstasy of advertising success – so you can deal with
weighty issues like the boredom barrier and what to do with
all that money.

David Garfinkel & Jim Edwards are co-authors of the NEW
“eBook Secrets Exposed”: How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of
Money – In Record Time – With Your Own eBook!
WHY are some people getting positively RICH selling ebooks?
Click Here Now

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Attention all Capitalists


I want you to feast your eyes on something.  If you like to shop and look this is for you.  If you like to shop for products to succeed on the internet this is for you.

Here is the bonus.  If you do not like to shop but want internet products for success this is for you. 

It is a HUGE package deal.  You need all of them so why not take the package.  And the price is special. 

Take a look and just get the whole package.  Otherwise if you are a shopper look at each product but you still will get them all at a special price.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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AutoPilot Profits Rock

scan00134.jpg   Why am I still talking about AutoPilot Profits?  

If you are: 

Starting your own Internet Business

Researching your own Internet Business

Interested in increasing your money making abilities on line

Interested in putting your Internet Business on Autopilot

Then this is for you. 

Buy it, use it, make money and work less.  Get the system that will get you on your way to success. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach 

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Internet Whizz Kid Discovered


The internet is a big place.  You can get lost on the internet.  Yet there are people that distinguish themselves on the internet.  They build up a following and their followers wait for their next internet secret.  This secret will help you as an Internet Marketer become a success.

Success is good.  I do believe that the definition of success is a personal one.  However, I do not believe that money can be excluded from this definition.  My daughter wants to start a refuge for animals.  If she could do that she would feel successful.  Has she been able to do this?  No.  Why?  MONEY.  She needs money to do this and perpetuate this dream. 

So if you are turned off to the idea of money and success rethink it.  Good deeds need money.  Of course you can participate in your community and do whatever non monetary tasks you choose.  But are you truly successful in addressing the problem?   Will the one dollar you give a hungry person end their hunger?  Probably not.  However, a co op food bank would be on target to address that issue.  To open and run a co op food bank you need MONEY. 

So today I present you a product that you need money to get.  This product will teach you how to make money.  Money you can spend however you see fit.  You can spend it on yourself or you can spend it on your pet project.  The point is you will have money to do with as you choose.

This product is “Internet Whizz Kid”.  It is for the budding and experienced Internet Marketers.  The internet changes and the marketing arena expands.  You have to keep up and go with the flow.  The “Interent Whizz Kid” is a brand new product.  It teaches you the latest, cutting edge, up to date internet marketing secrets. 

The reason Internet Whizz Kid is hot is because there is a secret to succeeding.  That secret can involve changing one thing in your marketing strategy.  This is called “tweaking.”  You can tweak on your own but it will be an expensive lesson.  This Whizz Kid has made a detailed study of the top “gurus” and one upped what they do. This way you can copy and and do what the experts do.  This way you become an expert. 

The Whizz Kid teaches you methods to succeed.  It is a step by step approach and easy to implement.  The best part is that you do not need your own product.  The Whizz Kid will teach you how to make money marketing other people’s products. 

If you are ready for the truth and real techniques and top secrets that will propel you upward and onward then get the Internet Whizz Kid. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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