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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Online Business


I just found something new to tell you about. I don’t like the title of it.  I know this title will appeal to some people.  Yet I have another take on why this product will appeal to you.  Here is the title  “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Online Business.”

Objections to the title

  • use of the word “man’s”  What about women using this product?  Does this mean men are lazy?  Some are but so are some women.  We all can be lazy.  Which leads me to my next objection.
  • This product shows you how to make money.  I am sure you want to make money.  But I think you are probably working hard now.  I do not think you are lazy. 

I suppose that I may have overreacted to the title.  Perhaps it is appealing to hard working people.  Perhaps the title is saying that you don’t have to put in hard, long hours to make more money.  Perhaps the technique is “lazy” not the people that use it. 

Now I feel a lot better about having told you about this product.  Check it out.  Do see if it could be something for you.  After all you deserve to get what you want.  Even if you can use a lazy approach to get it. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


March 23, 2007 Posted by | The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business, work at home business | 1 Comment