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Are you an Anna Nicole Smith?


Who is in Charge of Your Life?

I have been doing a little research on the life of Anna Nicole Smith.  What I discovered is that she grew up in a small town.  I also discovered that Anna Nicole had a burning desire to leave that small town and become famous like Marilyn Monroe.  She wanted this very, very badly.  And she did become famous or perhaps infamous.  So what went wrong.

I believe that Anna Nicole had a desire.  She had a burning passion.  She wanted something very, very badly.  She got some of what she wanted.  Yet she was never really respected.  She was famous for being famous due to legal issues, marriages, bizarre behaviors, tabloid actions, her appearance and tragedies.  Clearly not the way you or I would probably want to achieve fame or wealth.  One problem was her fame was hit or miss.  Her ability to earn money was  also hit or miss.  She had the desire, she had the drive but she lacked something that was crucial.  What she lacked was of the utmost of importance.  Because she lacked this one thing her life just happened to her.  Her life just happened to her whether it was something good or something bad.  She was not actually in control of her life.  She was not actually in control over whether something good or bad happened to her.  The reason being was she lacked that one valuable ingredient to make her life her own. 

This one valuable, “must have” piece of the puzzle is a plan.  This ingredient was missing.  Think back to the times you had passion, a brilliant idea, a burning desire.  Maybe you achieved something with this passion.  More likely what probably happened is you filed this passion in the draw with other burning desires that you never fulfilled.  Perhaps you saw someone with your same idea make it happen.  And you told everyone that you thought of that idea first.  That was your idea. Maybe they did not believe you.  Maybe they did not believe you because if you had that idea first why weren’t’ you the  famous one.  Why weren’t you recognized for that wonderful idea?   It did not make you feel very good that you had an idea and someone you never met made it a reality.  What is the difference between them and you?  Probably only one thing. You both had the idea.  You both had the passion.  But only they had the plan.  They devised a way to turn something in their head to something real and tangible.  This can only happen if you have a plan. 

I want you to go back in your mental draw and take out those passions.  Can you create a plan to make them happen?  Or are you an Anna Nicole Smith?  Someone that knows what they want to do but has no actual plan to make that a part of your life?  Will your life be out of your control?  Or will you be in control of your life?

You need a plan.  You need to think seriously about ways to make something happen. The reason you do not have a plan is because you do not take yourself seriously.  If you took yourself seriously you would devise a plan  for one of  your dreams.  You would devise a plan that could turn a dream into a reality.  

Maybe you do not have a grand dream.  That is fine.  Any dream will do.  Just start taking yourself and your life seriously.  Don’t be an Anna Nicole Smith.  Be YOU,  the person that has a dream and the plan to make it happen.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


February 14, 2007 Posted by | anna nicole smith, burning passion | 1 Comment