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Average Joe Income Package


The Average Joe Income Package has been around for a while.  I was thinking about the title.

The title “Average Joe Income Package” did not appeal to me.  Does anyone want to be average?  Then I went past my resistance of the title and looked at the product. 

The title suddenly seemed good to me.  The Average Joe Income Package is for beginners.  You can be average and succeed.  That is a good concept.  If you hadto be a super star to succeed on the internet that would probably eliminate most of us.  We all start on line marketing as average, beginners, needing to learn.

We all need a detailed system to show us how to get started.  That is what The Average Joe Income Package is.  It contains videos and text.  It also is updated via e mails and a website.  That is very important.  The internet changes in a flash.  You need to know the current updated info. 

Once you get this excellent package watch the videos and read the text before you start.  You need to soak up the knowledge in order to implement it.  Once you have done that you can get rocking. 

Start average and turn out super.  That is a good deal. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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Online Marketers – Work Smart

scan001316.jpg   A long time ago I learned the expression,  “You can work hard or you can work smart.”  That expression appealed to me.  I am not opposed to working hard for what I want.  However, working hard can sometimes impede and slow down your path to success.  Sometimes you need to work smart not hard. 

The best way to put that statement in perspective is to think of the extreme.  Being lazy and working on and off is not the way to reach your goals in any quick amount of time.  You may get there but I doubt it.  You will probably loose interest along the way.  How long can you wait to reach your goal? 

Working on and off and being lazy probably means you are not goal oriented.  So it will be hit or miss for you.  Also you will have a difficult time reviewing where you are at, where you came from ,what you have accomplished and what still needs to be done.  If you need to change your path and plans it will also be hard to access that.  Lastly working on and off means you are lacking a plan and a formula.  You are really not into what you are doing.

Working hard will be involved on your path to success.  I know that for some people this is a turn off.  Sorry but I have to be truthful.  However, at some point you will be confronted with the choice to work hard or work smart. 

Working smart means you make a choice to do a task in an easier more efficient way. 

Here is an example.  You are going to write a report.  You spend time researching and writing that report.  You work hard.  You have someone review your report and they do not think it is on target.  You will have to re do most of the report. You are surprised and disappointed.  You worked hard on that report. But you did not work smart.

If you worked smart you would have taken some time to think about what you wanted to accomplish with the report.  You would have formulated what the point of the report is.  If you did that one step before writing you would be working smart.  The report would practically write itself because you know what you want to say.  And you would not need to re do the report. It would be done in on shot.

Another example is to use a product to automate what you are doing.   If you are going to do a repetitive task why do it over each time?  Why not get a system to do it for you?   Do it once and then it will be done for you over and over. 

Working smart also gives you added enthusiasm.  It allows you to increase your productivity.  It also allows you to increase your free time. The value to you is huge. 

Working smart means working less hours if you can streamline or automate a process.

Before you can work smart you need to find the areas where you can do this.  Can you hire someone to do some of these things?  That is working smart.  Can you purchase and use a product to help you work smart? 

Upon your review you will discover that there are many areas of your business as well as personal life where you can work smart instead of hard.

Online marketers you know exactly what I am talking about.  You spend many hours a day doing repetitive tasks.  You know your time could be better spent. You know you should be working smart.  You want to work smart. 

To get you on the path to working smart I have a software package  for you.  I have told you about the Marketing Maniac.  He may be a maniac but he knows how to work smart. 


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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scan001311.jpg   Am I too honest when I tell you that I have a great product that will help you?

Am I too honest when I tell you to buy that product? 

Can you be “too honest?”

I do not believe that you can be “too honest.”  You have to ask for what you  want.  You have to ask clearly and directly.

Is that being blunt? Perhaps but it is also being straightforward and clear.  If you beat around the bush then you can be misunderstood.   You can  be considered wishy washy, weak, meek, a pushover.  Which is worse?  To be misunderstood and be thought of as wishy washy, weak, meek, a pushover or to be understood and thought of as blunt, straightforward and clear?  I think you know the answer.  

Let’s be clear.  Asking for what you want is not insulting someone.  It is about you and your wants and needs.  Asking for what you want clearly and direclty is an affirmative statement. 

You may not get what you want but if you ask for it you will know where you stand.  It is always better to know where you stand.

If the place you are employed at has no intention in the near future of giving you what you want you can make an educated choice.  Stay or go.  You now have control of your life.  You now have the information to make a decision. 

If you are reticient then you are afraid of what you will find out.  Why?  The truth will not change because you do not seek it. 

So ask for what you want.  Be honest.  Be clear.  Be straightforward.

Help is here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania Rocks


Internet Marketing Mania is for you only if:

you are a serious interent marketer

you want to succed

you want to save money

you want to gain time

you are shrewd

you are sharp

you know a good thing when you see it

you know the difference between an investment and wasting money

you want to take your business to the next level

you are ready to get what you deserve

Marcia Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania Hits the Internet


Why am I still on this topic??? Because sometimes my job here is to make sure you succeed. I know I can’t make you successful. But I can introduce you to tips, ideas, techniques and products that can help you succeed.

Internet Marketing Mania is a must have to get you going, to get you on the path to success.

Why haven’t you checked it out?

  • You don’t trust me. OK so don’t trust me (although I am a little disheartened by this, if it is true). Check it out for yourself. It is a software package. You can read what it does. It is a tangible product. It is not a method. It is not a concept. It is a real actual product that you can use.
  • You don’t need it. Sorry but this is a misconception on your part. You do need it.
  • Too expensive. Time is money. Save time, save money.  And You won’t believe the price It’s that inexpensive.
  • Can’t afford it. You can’t be  serious about Internet marketing.
  • Thinking about it. OK think and think but what are you waiting for? Either you realize you need it and get it or you are not serious about Internet marketing. Sorry to be a broken record but the truth is the truth.

You already got it. Smart person.

Internet Marketing Mania is the future. Click here to see what you must have now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Marketing Mania

scan00136.jpg  It is finally here!!!   You are hearing about this for the first time.

Internet Marketing Mania is the latest, newest, best software package around.  This package will save you time.  This package will make you money.  This package is a must have.  You can not do without this package.

WHY????  It includes TEN (10) pieces of software.  The price is $97.00.  That is $9.70 per software product.  $9.70 for business, professional software that you must have. 

The Internet Marketing Maniac is selling this product below cost.  He must be a maniac and a nut but who cares.  You get the benefit of this low, low price of this most excellent software. 


 What a confidence booster to be able to purchase something so valuable and useful at such a discounted price. 

If you are a serious internet marketer you must have this package.  I know I used a lot of adjectives here but honestly check it for yourself. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Dream Job – Don’t Get Scammed

scan00132.jpg  Can you work from home?  Can you find that right home based business/job?  Yes you can.  And you will need to take your search and research seriously.  It will be work to find your dream job. 

Anyone that is turned off should stop reading now.  If the idea of work and research is a downer to you then you are not ready to be your own boss.  Ground work  is essential to finding a home based business/job.  You need to know what you are getting into so you can deal with it and succeed. 

If you want it to be easy then this post is not for you.  Easy and finding the right work at home business/job are not complementary.  That does not mean it will be so difficult to find the correct work at home business/job that you will be in extreme stress and distress.  I just don’t want the slackers.

I want the dedicated and the people that are serious.  Now that the slackers have left the room let’s get started.

You want a home based business/job.  You want your dream home based business/job.  You do not want to get scammed by all the dream houses, dream cars and tons of cash that is dangled in front of by the ones that know the answer. 

Don’t get scammed!!!!

You just want the straight facts.  No one makes money simply by joining a website or MLM.  You have to work the program.  But how about starting out with a program you can and will work. 

That is where this report will be of value to you.  If you learn the ins and outs of finding your dream business/job you will be ahead of the game. 

Read the report and set yourself up to succeed.  Get the facts.  Get the information that can help you make the choice that is right for you. 

The report is concise, clear and easy to read and follow.  The report is your foundation.  The report will give you the key to get started.

Help Wanted

Serious people who are sick and tired of working for others.  Serious people who are sick and tired of taking orders from others.  Serious people who want a better, more satisfying, stimulating career.  Serious people who want to enjoy their work.  Serious people who want to be in charge of their own lives.  Apply here.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Time is Up, Time is Now

scan0013.jpg        So did you get the free report?  If not go back to my post “FREE SPECIAL REPORT” to find out how to get the $97.00 report for free.   What did you think?

Were you one of the ones that passed it up?  Why.  A little knowledge and info can not hurt you.  Might as well get it and read it at your leisure.  The free report may show you how to have more leisure. 

Are you procrastinating?  Why? Because it is in your nature? 

Isn’t it time you turned over  a new leaf?  Isn’t it time you got started?  Do I sound harsh?  I am not.  I am just giving you a little push.  i can only give you one push.  The rest is up to you.  I can try to be your cheer leader but I think you are beyond that. 

What you need now is to be the person you imagine yourself to be.  Envy what a drag.  Why envy when you can be and have what you envy. 

Excuses.  I have said them and heard them.  Feeling sorry for yourself.  I have but…… I end it.  I devote a few minutes to feel sorry for myself and then I get going.  Here I am going writing… just for you. 

I won’t ask you to do anything for me.  Do it for yourself.  If it helps do it for your loved ones. 

You have the chance to change tomorrow.  The chance is now.

 Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Drop me a comment.  I know you have something to say.

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Free Special Report


 Today I have something free for you.  It is a report about working at home.  This report is sold for $97.00 but I have a special way of letting you get it for free.

The good thing about working at home and a second income/business  is that there is no commute, and no boss.  You are the boss. 

This report can give you financial freedom.  It can definitely widen your options.  The more choices you have the less you feel you are in a box with no way out.

Expand your horizons.  Give yourself more choices and possibilities.  Make your world bigger.  Start to take a dream to a reality. 

You know where you are in life.  But where do you want to go?  Can you get there doing what you are doing now?  Think of all the time you spend wishing, hoping, dreaming, complaining, dealing.  Take that effort and have it benefit you.

So here is the secret to get the report at no cost.  Click on the gold key.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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