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Why Bother to Change


Did you ever have that mental conversation in your head that goes like this? 

  • I don’t like this about myself
  • I should have done that
  • They didn’t like what I said
  • I wish I had this

I think you get the idea.  Thoughts run around in your head. These thoughts bother you.  You dwell on them.  You review them.  Basically they make you feel bad.  Good reason to consider change.  Here is the annoying part.  You have these thoughts.  You spend a lot of time with these thoughts.  You do not enjoy these thoughts.  You try to ignore these thoughts.   And you remain the same.

So why bother to change?  You try and try to change and not much happens.  What can propel you to change?  Perhaps it is not these negative thoughts.  Perhaps the missing ingredient is something else.  Perhaps the motivation (that overused and elusive term) comes from somewhere else.  Perhaps it comes from a vision.  A vision you have of how you want to be. 

What is that vision for you?  A vision is not a daydream.  It is real.  It is something you can actually do.  A vision comes from your heart.  A vision is not someone else’s idea.  It is yours and yours alone.  It is with you all the time.  People that have transformed their lives acknowledged their vision.  They  changed their lives with their vision. 

Why bother to change?  Don’t change – just start living your vision.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


February 16, 2007 Posted by | change, vision | Leave a comment