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Get Lazy



I have a friend that never seems to get lazy. I can get tired watching her. Her day is jam packed with things she does. At first I was jealous of all the energy she has. She starts her day at 5AM. She does not have to get up at 5AM for work. She chooses to get up at 5AM. She is a major exerciser, cleaner, worker, doer. I thought I was a hard worker but compared to her I am a slacker.

I do not like to take things at face value so instead of observing this ultra, energetic, doer I decided to listen to her. I deeply listened to what she was saying. What I heard surprised me. I was mislead into thinking she acted out of purpose. She did not. She acted out of anxiety. Yes, anxiety. She was obsessive and could not relax until she did everything and more. She was not super energetic. She was compelled. I had to remove her as a role model. I did not want to be obsessive like her. She made me happy I was lazy at times.

So what is gong on here. First there is acting out of purpose. That means you do things that have value and meaning to you. Not everything will have value and meaning to you. Some things are just tasks you need to complete because if you do not do them no one will. Or maybe you can not find someone to do these tasks or you can not afford to pay someone to do these tasks. You know what these asks are – things like laundry, cleaning, shopping etc.

Working at your home business should include tasks that have value and meaning to you. These tasks should include purpose. These tasks should produce an outcome that is favorable to you. These tasks should include an outcome that moves you closer to your goal.

Have you truly looked at your activity schedule? Are you operating out of anxiety? Are you doing, doing, doing? Are you doing stuff because you are compelled and obsessed? Are you exhausted at the end of the day but you still have to do more?

This is no way to run your business nor your life. You will be tired, burned out and over stressed. You would think that doing everything would be a stress reducer but that is not. If you are operating out of anxiety doing, doing, doing causes more stress and taxes your body and your mind. Doing everything and acting out of purpose is different. When you act out of anxiety you are usually worried that you missed something you must do. When you act out of purpose you can relax because you know you did what needed to be done.

When you act out of purpose your body lets you relax. When you act out of anxiety your body tells you to keep going. Your body tells you, you are not allowed to relax. When you act out of anxiety your body tells you it wants to rest and your mind tells you, “No. There is more that has to be done. Don’t stop. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be a slacker.” You need to respect your body. You need to remove the negative connotation that your mind associates with rest.

When you act out of purpose you are conscious. You know what needs to be done. You prioritize. You review your tasks. You do what is important. You are on target.

Here is the test to see where you are at with this. Take 10 minutes in the next hour to relax. Can you do it? Are you squirming? Are you worried that this is a waste of your time? Or are you enjoying the breather?

There is a way to handle this. Did it ever occur to you that confidence can be defined as the absence of anxiety? With confidence you can get a handle on your anxiety. With confidence you can act out of purpose. If you are ready to relax and enjoy your life check this out.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach







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