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Let’s Start the Effective, Beneficial Revoltion

I just had a quick thought.  I like You Tube.  It is definitely an entertaining site.  People use it for all kinds of stuff.  I use it to get a laugh.  I am also a music lover so I like to check out performers that I like.

Anyways  ….. here is my thought.  How about we all use your tube for a new purpose.  Don’t worry it won’t be a drag.  Let’s put some positive energy in the air.  I do not want to get into a political, philosophical, sociological  rant but personally I find the tone of our country kind of down.  I hear from people that they are struggling.  I hear from people that they are alienated.  I hear from people that life is not the way they thought it would be. 

Here is my suggestion.  How about you go to You Tube and post your goals, your passions, your life’s desires, your affirmations.  Make a short video.  Then tell everyone you know about it and ask them to make their video.  Let’s  plaster You Tube with positive energy.  Put your positive energy there.

Then watch your You Tube video every day to keep yourself righteous.  Maybe you will watch someone elses that inspires you.  Who knows what can happen? 

Let’s change the mood in this country to something empowering.  Let me know what you have posted.  Tell people about this blog so they can tell me what they posted.  Let’s start a positive revolution.  Let’s enhance each other. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS  Empower yourself, empower the world !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Secrets of Success


  What’s the Secret of Success?
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

“Takes pain,” said the window.
“Keep cool,” said the ice.
“Drive hard,” said the hammer.
“Be up to date,” said the calender.
“Never be led,” said the pencil.
“Be sharp,” said the knife.
“Make light around you,” said the fire.
“Stick to it,” said the glue.
“Be bright,” said the lamp.

Something short but illuminating never the less.  Have you implemented any of these concepts?  Try to use them the next time you take on a project.  And of course share them with people. 

Happy Friday.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS  Browse here over the week end. 



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You Can Move On


Back in August 2006 I attended my first tele seminar.  The speaker was Jinger Jarrett.  I was really excited because she was going to share how to market on the internet using very little money. 

I was very excited by this call.  She shared valuable information.  I found her to be innovating.  She also stayed on the line for questions and was very forthright with her answers.  I really felt she was a person of integrity.

On a personal level she has overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today.  She did not have the most loving upbringing.  Naturally she was affected by her upbringing but she did not let her upbringing determine the rest of her life.  She did what she had to do to find her personal value and truth.  For this I truly admire her. 

The reason I am sharing this is that Jinger did something very personal and special to re create her life.  Not unlike something you can do.  It was hard and she struggled but she succeeded. 

Here is her current bio

“Jinger Jarrett is a former military journalist and newspaper reporter.

She has been in online business for almost five years now, as well as having almost 10 years experience on the Internet and 20 years experience in computers.

Published in over 40 countries throughout the world, her articles have been read by over 1,000,000 people.

Currently, in addition to her own business interests, she is the Ecommerce Director for, and expert panel member for, and a copywriter for

In 2004, she was named to the Marquis Who’s Who of American Women, the most prestigious, and oldest list in America.”

Pretty impressive.  Everyone needs to find their worth and value.  Everyone needs to know what they aspire to.

That is why I would like to recommend to you the e books and reports that Jinger Jarrett has authored.  I know you will find value in them.  They are not expensive.  They are easy to use and read.   

Cash Writing: Writing Articles for Fun and Profit

What a great confidence booster to be able to write and publish your article on the internet.  Whether you do it for money or just the thrill of achievement it is a great read.   

Marketing on Goggle

This report shows you how to use all the free goggle service.  This would be directed towards Internet marketing.  Perhaps an online business has been in your mind.  See what you can do using goggle as a marketing tool.

Tube Traffic

Video is exploding on-the Internet.  This book shows you how to use video for to get visitors to your web site.  This book could be for your business or personal website.

Craig’s List Traffic

This is for the Internet marketer that wants to use Craig’s List a free service to generate visitors to your web site.   If you want to make sales you need traffic.  You can pay for traffic or you can generate it for free.  This is the free way. 

Confidence comes when you become the person you admire.  Confidence comes from aspiring and achieving. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Internet Whizz Kid Discovered


The internet is a big place.  You can get lost on the internet.  Yet there are people that distinguish themselves on the internet.  They build up a following and their followers wait for their next internet secret.  This secret will help you as an Internet Marketer become a success.

Success is good.  I do believe that the definition of success is a personal one.  However, I do not believe that money can be excluded from this definition.  My daughter wants to start a refuge for animals.  If she could do that she would feel successful.  Has she been able to do this?  No.  Why?  MONEY.  She needs money to do this and perpetuate this dream. 

So if you are turned off to the idea of money and success rethink it.  Good deeds need money.  Of course you can participate in your community and do whatever non monetary tasks you choose.  But are you truly successful in addressing the problem?   Will the one dollar you give a hungry person end their hunger?  Probably not.  However, a co op food bank would be on target to address that issue.  To open and run a co op food bank you need MONEY. 

So today I present you a product that you need money to get.  This product will teach you how to make money.  Money you can spend however you see fit.  You can spend it on yourself or you can spend it on your pet project.  The point is you will have money to do with as you choose.

This product is “Internet Whizz Kid”.  It is for the budding and experienced Internet Marketers.  The internet changes and the marketing arena expands.  You have to keep up and go with the flow.  The “Interent Whizz Kid” is a brand new product.  It teaches you the latest, cutting edge, up to date internet marketing secrets. 

The reason Internet Whizz Kid is hot is because there is a secret to succeeding.  That secret can involve changing one thing in your marketing strategy.  This is called “tweaking.”  You can tweak on your own but it will be an expensive lesson.  This Whizz Kid has made a detailed study of the top “gurus” and one upped what they do. This way you can copy and and do what the experts do.  This way you become an expert. 

The Whizz Kid teaches you methods to succeed.  It is a step by step approach and easy to implement.  The best part is that you do not need your own product.  The Whizz Kid will teach you how to make money marketing other people’s products. 

If you are ready for the truth and real techniques and top secrets that will propel you upward and onward then get the Internet Whizz Kid. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Take Back Your Life


 So what is up with your life?  Is it out of control?  Are you busy, busy, busy?  Are you busy, busy, busy just doing stuff that you “have to do?”  Don’t you have some dreams?  Don’t you have some things that are important to you that you just never get around?  Did your life and what is important to you get taken away?  Are you a prisoner of exhaustion?  Are you a prisoner of your daily life?  Did you think that your day to day life would be like this?

Everyone’s life can take a turn to the rat race.  Even if you never intended to join the rat race.  It just happened one day.  One day you were carefree looking forward to each new day.  Suddenly you were dragging your body around, your mind racing with all of your responsibilities. 

So what is iimportant to you?  Not what you have to do but what you really like and want to do.  Forget about your responsibilities.  Just let your mind drift.  Think about those thoughts that you push aside because you are too busy or too tired.

How about religious activities?  Are you religious person who wants to get more involved?  Are you a spiritual person?  Do you want to sound off to your politicians?  Is there a community project you are interested in?  is there a hobby you want to pursue?  Do you want to get on a fitness program?  Do you want to change your eating habits?  Do you want to spend more time with your kids?  Do you want to spend more time with your friends?  Do you want that promotion?  Do you want to spend more time with the love of your life?  Do you want to find the love of your life?  Do you want to read a special book?  Do you want to learn about something? 

Your intentions are there.  Your actions are missing.  I bet that even though you want to do this and it is important to you your mindset is stopping you.  You get excited about doing something and then you think, "Ohhh, too much effort .”  Do you see what is happening?  Things that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you are losing their meaning and importance due to your mind set. 

You are in a rut.  You are in a mindset.  Busy, busy, busy, tired, tired, tired.  So how do yo get out? 

Your first step to taking back your life is organization and to stop being a know it all. 

I have a friend Jamie.  She has two kids in elementary school.  Being a devoted mom she rejected her local public schools that are near by.  She found schools that she felt would better suit her kid’s needs.  What that means is that she spends 60 minutes a day driving her kids to school and from school.  That also means she has to center her day around school pick up and delivery. 

She has three jobs and is the keeper of her house as well as being on committees.  I asked her if she could join a carpool so she could free up some of her time.  Her answer was yes but she did not want to. 

Here is where organization and not being a know it all comes in.  She is a know it all.  All she knows is that she must drive and pick up her kids.  Why??? I don’t know especially when she has another option. 

Is this you?  Can you organize something and stop being a know it all?  Think about where this may be happening in your life.  Think about how you can free up some of your time.

Doing this one thing can give you a push to get out of your rut.  Doing this one thing can get you out of your mindset.  Doing this one thing can give you some free time. 

You have to get practical and start small.  Start waving good bye to the rat race.  Start taking back your life. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Relax.  Take some deep breaths.  You can do it.

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Why Do You Buy Things


For the past few days I have been introducing you to products that you can buy.  My info is free, genuine and honest.  But if you want the products you will have to use money to get them. 

It is up to you if you think they will be of benefit to you.  I think they will but you are the final decider. 

If you have not purchased any of these products I think there may be a reason why you haven’t. 

I think this reason is that you think these products are not for you.  That is a broad statement but I think it is an accurate statement.  I also think that it is the tip of the ice burg.  I think it all comes down to what is your relationship with money and confidence? 

I don’t know what you spend your money on.  Maybe you are not totally clear about that either.  Yes you buy clothes but why?  I am sure you buy clothes with an ulterior motive.  You want to look a certain way.  You want to impress people.  You want to be appropriate.  If you think about this you can probably add some other reasons.  It is rare that anyone buys clothes so they will not be naked.  So you expect something to happen when you buy clothes.  You expect to become what you want people to believe you are.  You want to present an image.  That is important to you.  And that is fine. 

But what about investing in yourself?  What about purchasing something that is perpetual?  Kind of like the expression “give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone how to fish and they eat for life.”

Does that expression ring true for you or do you think it is just hype?  If you trained yourself for any occupation then I know you do believe in that expression.  Perhaps you have become cynical because what you trained for only took you so far.  The expression still holds true.  You just need to train for something else now.  Something bigger.  Something that you can use your own skills, resources and talents for. 

That is wwy I am telling you about these products.  So you can train for something bigger.  Instant satisfaction is great but it does not last.  Why not put your efforts into something that will last? 

Don’t give up your fun stuff that is meaningful to you.  Just expand what what you purchase to enrich yourself.  See how it feels to purchase something that does not give you immediate gratification.  See what it feels like to purchase something that can teach you something that you can implement. 

Challenge yourself and see what happens.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS If you are ready to challenge yourself take a gander at my links.

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dvd4pod.gif  Happy Saturday.  Sometimes a more fun you can be a better you.  So here is a fun product I just found. 

You and your IPOD go everywhere.  You and your IPOD are pals.  Your IPOD has the tunes that make you sing, laugh, cry and just plain rock you.   Wouldn’t it be great to have your favorite DVDS on your IPOD for your viewing pleasure?  Of course it would. 

Anyways this software product lets you easily transfer your DVDS to your IPOD.  The wonders of technology.  Check it out here so you can take your favorite DVDS and tunes with you wherever you are.

Happy Week End

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Online Business


I just found something new to tell you about. I don’t like the title of it.  I know this title will appeal to some people.  Yet I have another take on why this product will appeal to you.  Here is the title  “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Online Business.”

Objections to the title

  • use of the word “man’s”  What about women using this product?  Does this mean men are lazy?  Some are but so are some women.  We all can be lazy.  Which leads me to my next objection.
  • This product shows you how to make money.  I am sure you want to make money.  But I think you are probably working hard now.  I do not think you are lazy. 

I suppose that I may have overreacted to the title.  Perhaps it is appealing to hard working people.  Perhaps the title is saying that you don’t have to put in hard, long hours to make more money.  Perhaps the technique is “lazy” not the people that use it. 

Now I feel a lot better about having told you about this product.  Check it out.  Do see if it could be something for you.  After all you deserve to get what you want.  Even if you can use a lazy approach to get it. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Auto Pilot Profits Exposed


Today I would like to talk about business.  I will be blunt.  A lot of people want to have their own business.  A lot of people would like extra income.  A lot of people have second and third jobs.  A lot of people are exhausted.  A lot of people are working long hours.  A lot of people are working hard.  A lot of people are stretched too thin.  A lot of people need more money. 

So how do you have your home business or your second income?  Where will you ever find the time, stamina or money?  I have a solution.  It will involve your time to do this, but here is the best part.  You can do it on your own time schedule in your own home.  Suppose you have an energy burst at 10PM.  Great.  You can now do some work on your business at 10PM.   Suppose you get up extra early and have an hour to spare.  Excellent you can work on this business then.  I am talking about an internet business.  That means simply you market products on the internet. 

Here are the advantages to an internet business. 

  • Work whenever you have the time. 
  • Work at home. 
  • Fairly low start up costs. 

 These are the major obstacles to starting a business.  Time and money.  An internet business takes care of those obstacles. 

Okay you have been  considering this for a while but where to start?  There are many internet “how to products” on the market.  There are many expensive internet “how to” products on the market.  Which one will give you value for your money?  Which one will be easy to follow. 

My friend Arnold is a skeptic.  That is why I asked him to test and review Auto Pilot Profits by Ewen Chia.  I’d tell you about Ewen but I am sure you would much rather learn about his product and see if it something that would be beneficial for you. 

Read Arnold’s review and decide for yourself.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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Surprise.  Have you ever surprised yourself?  Have you ever sized up someone or a situation and found out you were so off target that you were surprised or maybe even shocked?

I have a little story to share with you about this.  My cousin, Ron, whom I adore shared a little story with me about when this happened to him.

Ron was in graduate school.  He was pre med with the intention of becoming a psychiatrist (which is his today).   Ron had a roommate.  Ron did not enjoy life with this roommate.  The roomie was messy.  Ron and the roommate did not click.  Ron is a guy that likes fun.  He is not a stick in the mud.  Ron also enjoys parties.  Despite this Ron did not have a high regard for his roomie.  He thought his roomie was a slacker, a dreamer, a coaster.   Ron also thoughthis roomie had no focus, and perhaps was not particularly “on the ball.”

Ron and his roomie parted company.  Ron was happy to be away from his roomie.  Here comes the shocking, surprising part.  A few years after Ron and his roomie parted Ron went to see a show, Rent.  Ron loved Rent.  he thought it was fresh and entertaining.  Guess who wrote Rent?  Ron’s roomie – the slacker, the coaster. 

For whatever reason Ron, a perceptive guy who is an occupation that requires a deep understanding of people goofed.  He misjudged someone.  Not a big deal, it probably happens all the time.  

So what is going on in your head.  Are you judging people?  Are you misjudging people?  Do you jump to conclusions?  Does this interfere in your relationships with people? 

Here is how this works.  You meet someone, you access them and your mind is made up.  That is okay because you need to protect yourself and some people can be toxic. 

But what about when this happens to people you care about?  Here is how that goes.  You care about someone but they do or say things that bother you.  These things they do or say that bother you sit on your mind.  You start to analyze and editorialize these behaviors.  The truth is you do not know what is going on in someone else’s mind unless they tell you or unless you ask them.

Here is a concrete example.  I have a friend Pam.  She and her husband, Wil,  were planning a vacation.  Pam was going to work on this vacation.  She also wanted to take her kids along.  Wil wanted to do some things alone while Pam was working.  Wil did not want to take the kids along.  These are the facts of the story.

Her comes the jumping to conclusions and judgements.  Pam was annoyed at Wil that he did not want to take the kids.  Pam was annoyed at Wil that he wanted to do some things on the vacation while Pam was working. 

Wil was now bad and selfish in Pam’s mind.  I brought up the idea that maybe Wil wanted to leave the kids home so he could be alone with Pam.  Maybe Wil wanted to leave the kids home so he could pursue what he enjoyed while Pam was working.  Pam shut me down immediately.  Wil was selfish.  Wil wants to do what he wants to do.  No one asked Wil why he felt the way he did.  Pam answered for him.  Th end result was Pam was angry with Wil. 

Somewhere along the line Pam took the facts and editorialized them to fit her judgements.  This is where we get in trouble and make life hard for ourselves.  We jump to conclusions and life gets messy. 

Try ot keep an open mind.  Try to understand what someone is saying to you.  Even if you jump to a conclusion check it out with the other person to see if you are off or on track.  Stop making your life hard and combative.   Give in to the possibility that you don’t know everything about another person.  Give in to the possibility that no matter how well you know someone you can always know them better, deeper, closer. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

Tips and Products For Your Self-Improvement

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