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Why Do You Buy Things


For the past few days I have been introducing you to products that you can buy.  My info is free, genuine and honest.  But if you want the products you will have to use money to get them. 

It is up to you if you think they will be of benefit to you.  I think they will but you are the final decider. 

If you have not purchased any of these products I think there may be a reason why you haven’t. 

I think this reason is that you think these products are not for you.  That is a broad statement but I think it is an accurate statement.  I also think that it is the tip of the ice burg.  I think it all comes down to what is your relationship with money and confidence? 

I don’t know what you spend your money on.  Maybe you are not totally clear about that either.  Yes you buy clothes but why?  I am sure you buy clothes with an ulterior motive.  You want to look a certain way.  You want to impress people.  You want to be appropriate.  If you think about this you can probably add some other reasons.  It is rare that anyone buys clothes so they will not be naked.  So you expect something to happen when you buy clothes.  You expect to become what you want people to believe you are.  You want to present an image.  That is important to you.  And that is fine. 

But what about investing in yourself?  What about purchasing something that is perpetual?  Kind of like the expression “give someone a fish and they eat for a day; teach someone how to fish and they eat for life.”

Does that expression ring true for you or do you think it is just hype?  If you trained yourself for any occupation then I know you do believe in that expression.  Perhaps you have become cynical because what you trained for only took you so far.  The expression still holds true.  You just need to train for something else now.  Something bigger.  Something that you can use your own skills, resources and talents for. 

That is wwy I am telling you about these products.  So you can train for something bigger.  Instant satisfaction is great but it does not last.  Why not put your efforts into something that will last? 

Don’t give up your fun stuff that is meaningful to you.  Just expand what what you purchase to enrich yourself.  See how it feels to purchase something that does not give you immediate gratification.  See what it feels like to purchase something that can teach you something that you can implement. 

Challenge yourself and see what happens.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS If you are ready to challenge yourself take a gander at my links.


March 26, 2007 - Posted by | confidence, how to succeed

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