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Take Back Your Life


 So what is up with your life?  Is it out of control?  Are you busy, busy, busy?  Are you busy, busy, busy just doing stuff that you “have to do?”  Don’t you have some dreams?  Don’t you have some things that are important to you that you just never get around?  Did your life and what is important to you get taken away?  Are you a prisoner of exhaustion?  Are you a prisoner of your daily life?  Did you think that your day to day life would be like this?

Everyone’s life can take a turn to the rat race.  Even if you never intended to join the rat race.  It just happened one day.  One day you were carefree looking forward to each new day.  Suddenly you were dragging your body around, your mind racing with all of your responsibilities. 

So what is iimportant to you?  Not what you have to do but what you really like and want to do.  Forget about your responsibilities.  Just let your mind drift.  Think about those thoughts that you push aside because you are too busy or too tired.

How about religious activities?  Are you religious person who wants to get more involved?  Are you a spiritual person?  Do you want to sound off to your politicians?  Is there a community project you are interested in?  is there a hobby you want to pursue?  Do you want to get on a fitness program?  Do you want to change your eating habits?  Do you want to spend more time with your kids?  Do you want to spend more time with your friends?  Do you want that promotion?  Do you want to spend more time with the love of your life?  Do you want to find the love of your life?  Do you want to read a special book?  Do you want to learn about something? 

Your intentions are there.  Your actions are missing.  I bet that even though you want to do this and it is important to you your mindset is stopping you.  You get excited about doing something and then you think, "Ohhh, too much effort .”  Do you see what is happening?  Things that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you are losing their meaning and importance due to your mind set. 

You are in a rut.  You are in a mindset.  Busy, busy, busy, tired, tired, tired.  So how do yo get out? 

Your first step to taking back your life is organization and to stop being a know it all. 

I have a friend Jamie.  She has two kids in elementary school.  Being a devoted mom she rejected her local public schools that are near by.  She found schools that she felt would better suit her kid’s needs.  What that means is that she spends 60 minutes a day driving her kids to school and from school.  That also means she has to center her day around school pick up and delivery. 

She has three jobs and is the keeper of her house as well as being on committees.  I asked her if she could join a carpool so she could free up some of her time.  Her answer was yes but she did not want to. 

Here is where organization and not being a know it all comes in.  She is a know it all.  All she knows is that she must drive and pick up her kids.  Why??? I don’t know especially when she has another option. 

Is this you?  Can you organize something and stop being a know it all?  Think about where this may be happening in your life.  Think about how you can free up some of your time.

Doing this one thing can give you a push to get out of your rut.  Doing this one thing can get you out of your mindset.  Doing this one thing can give you some free time. 

You have to get practical and start small.  Start waving good bye to the rat race.  Start taking back your life. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS Relax.  Take some deep breaths.  You can do it.


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | personal time

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