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Online Marketers – Work Smart

scan001316.jpg   A long time ago I learned the expression,  “You can work hard or you can work smart.”  That expression appealed to me.  I am not opposed to working hard for what I want.  However, working hard can sometimes impede and slow down your path to success.  Sometimes you need to work smart not hard. 

The best way to put that statement in perspective is to think of the extreme.  Being lazy and working on and off is not the way to reach your goals in any quick amount of time.  You may get there but I doubt it.  You will probably loose interest along the way.  How long can you wait to reach your goal? 

Working on and off and being lazy probably means you are not goal oriented.  So it will be hit or miss for you.  Also you will have a difficult time reviewing where you are at, where you came from ,what you have accomplished and what still needs to be done.  If you need to change your path and plans it will also be hard to access that.  Lastly working on and off means you are lacking a plan and a formula.  You are really not into what you are doing.

Working hard will be involved on your path to success.  I know that for some people this is a turn off.  Sorry but I have to be truthful.  However, at some point you will be confronted with the choice to work hard or work smart. 

Working smart means you make a choice to do a task in an easier more efficient way. 

Here is an example.  You are going to write a report.  You spend time researching and writing that report.  You work hard.  You have someone review your report and they do not think it is on target.  You will have to re do most of the report. You are surprised and disappointed.  You worked hard on that report. But you did not work smart.

If you worked smart you would have taken some time to think about what you wanted to accomplish with the report.  You would have formulated what the point of the report is.  If you did that one step before writing you would be working smart.  The report would practically write itself because you know what you want to say.  And you would not need to re do the report. It would be done in on shot.

Another example is to use a product to automate what you are doing.   If you are going to do a repetitive task why do it over each time?  Why not get a system to do it for you?   Do it once and then it will be done for you over and over. 

Working smart also gives you added enthusiasm.  It allows you to increase your productivity.  It also allows you to increase your free time. The value to you is huge. 

Working smart means working less hours if you can streamline or automate a process.

Before you can work smart you need to find the areas where you can do this.  Can you hire someone to do some of these things?  That is working smart.  Can you purchase and use a product to help you work smart? 

Upon your review you will discover that there are many areas of your business as well as personal life where you can work smart instead of hard.

Online marketers you know exactly what I am talking about.  You spend many hours a day doing repetitive tasks.  You know your time could be better spent. You know you should be working smart.  You want to work smart. 

To get you on the path to working smart I have a software package  for you.  I have told you about the Marketing Maniac.  He may be a maniac but he knows how to work smart. 


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


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6 Blogs I Tagged

  scan001315.jpg  A few days ago I got tagged.  It is a blogging thing.  A blogger tags your blog.  That means they chose your blog because they liked it.  Once you are tagged you are requested to answer whatever the tag questions are.  The last tag I had was to answer 7 (persons) questions about myself.  The second part of the the tag is for me to tag 7 other bloggers. 

I was not enthralled with the topic  because I do not like not write about myself for the sake of writing about myself. 

I will write about myself if it relates to a topic I am writing about. 

I sucked it up and did part one; answering the 7 questions.

Finding 7 bloggers to tag required some research on my part.  I do read a lot of blogs but I am not a daily reader of any group of blogs.    I think there is a lot of blog brilliance on the net. 

I also needed to find blogs on our topic here – abetteryou.  There are a lot of blogs to choose from.  However, if I am going to make a recommendation I want to make sure I choose wisely.  So for the past few days I have been reviewing blogs.   That is why it has taken me some time to find 6 blogs to tag.

So here are the 6 blogs I have tagged.  Visit them and let me know what you think.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

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