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scan001317.jpg    This is for internet marketers that want better success, better subscribers and better traffic.  This product stresses that more is not better.  This product stresses that more subscribers, more traffic is not better subscribers nor better traffic. 

Sounds good but what does it mean.  Suppose you are marketing baby toys.  You place an ad in your local paper.  Who reads your local paper?  Probably everyone which means lots of people that have no intent of ever buying baby toys.  Who reads your local paper that has an interest in buying baby toys?  Probably a  small percentage of those that read the local paper. 

The price you are paying for the ad in your local paper is to market to all the readers.  You are not paying a special, reduced price to market to people that buy baby toys.  Therefore you are paying a price for 10,000 people to see your ad when in reality only 2000 people may be your target market.  Direct proof that more is not better.

Now that I have told you this why buy the product?  Because the product tells you the secret how and where to advertise to a targeted market with little or no money.  That is where the value of this product lies. 


And for those that want more, better details here they are.

This product will show you quick & easy techniques for finding places to advertise that your competitors’ have no clue about.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, the product give you tips, tricks and techniques for outsourcing some of the most effective advertising methods!

Also show you how to find pay-per-click and other advertising that is specific to your niche and is often much more targeted than the standard Google or Yahoo pay-per-click opportunities (that your competitors are probably working on saturating anyway).

Additionally “Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Secrets, Tips & Techniques You’ll Discover In This Course!”

  • How to prepare your site and business to make it “niche advertising-friendly” (page 25)
  • What every good advertising source is going to look for on your web site and how to implement it quickly (page 27)
  • The four *battle-tested* strategies for finding the best places to advertise in any niche (page 54)
  • Learn the covert methods we use to focus in on a new target market and learn everything about it in a short time. (page 169)
  • How to quickly avoid the #1 Mistake advertisers make that needlessly costs them thousands of extra dollars in advertising per year. (page 92)
  • The ways we use little-known features of search engines to find hidden advertising “gems” (page 67)
  • The “right” way to create your ads so they get buyers to not only click to your site, but preps them to rip out their wallets and buy in the process! (page 33)
  • Our technique for finding PPC engines that are tailored to your industry or niche and no, we’re not talking about Google and Yahoo here. (page 65)
  • The best and most reliable ways to finding the best ezines and newsletters to advertise in. (page 84)
  • How to run an ad to build a list of thousands in as little as two weeks. (page 50)
  • The fastest and BEST strategy to run an ad to generate $$$ thousands of dollars in sales… sometimes in just a few days! (page 51)
  • How to *spy* on your competition and steal their best ad secrets! (page 66)
  • Learn the underground method we have for finding out what your competitors’ affiliates are promoting so you can determine the best place to advertise. (page 67)
  • The best “offline” method we have for finding the “offbeat” advertising places that will run your ads for next-to-nothing! (page 68)
  • How conducting a small survey can help you create high-conversion ads (page 71)
  • Find out how much traffic a site your considering advertising with is really getting and if their numbers are in fact true! (page 86)
  • How to construct an offer that will have the site owner/publisher *begging* to do business with you! (page 146)
  • The *exact words* to say to the site owner/publisher when approaching them. (We’ll give you actual call scripts of what we say to the site owners.) (page 151)
  • How including just one simple line in an email to a publisher can create a relationship that can make you tens of thousands of dollars every year for the rest of your life! (page 152)
  • Find out which ads work best and why (so you can keep running the winners and avoid the losers!) (page 38)
  • How to quickly determine your visitor value and conversion statistics to save you money on the front end and make you big bucks on the back end! (page 19)

And much more…

The bottom line is that this product will show you how to save money by advertising effectively and getting the customers that you want and that want your product.  

For your better success and convenience just click here to get it now.

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


April 24, 2007 - Posted by | how to succeed

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