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It is Ok to be a Capitalist


I learned something from you yesterday.  You are not attracted to the word capitalist.  I doubt if you are all socialists, fascists, anarchists etc.  I am sure you are definitely capitalists. 

I am also seeing that you do not like to be addressed as “capitalists.”  Is that because you believe you are on higher plane?  You can be a capitalist and be on higher planer at the same time.  Capitalists are interested in money.  (Of course there is more but that is the bottom line that unites capitalists.)

I know you are interested in money.  You want to earn money and you want to spend money.  How else could you survive?  How would you pay for rent, food, gas, health care, entertainment without money.  Your life is probably centered around money.  You are saving, spending or planning. 

It is okay to consider money.  Maybe you are anti the word “capitalist” because the means to obtain money can have some negative associations for you.  I would never advocate money over your values.  However, I am not sure you are truly in touch with your values.  Many times our actions do not agree with our words. 

Putting all this aside there are many ways to earn money that can coincide with your values.  Selling things to other people can be described as providing a service.  It is all in your intention. If your intention is just to make money then selling something to someone can become immoral, unethical.  If your intention is to help someone find a product that can benefit them and make their life easier, more enjoyable etc then you are providing a service.  Now it seems okay to be a capitalist. 

If you are a capitalist that is interested in making money by in an ethical, honest way then visit here. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


April 19, 2007 - Posted by | how to succeed

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