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Whose Life are you Living?


 What is your life about?  Is this too heavy a question for a Monday morning?  Would it be a downer for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday? 

Basically you only have Tuesday through Thursday to consider this question.  Tuesday through Thursday is hectic for you.  You are involved with other things.  Yes, you have a life but are you really in it?  Is your life controlling you?  Do you spend your  life putting it off doing “what you have to” not  “what you want to? ” Do you even know what you “want to?”

I know these questions are probably stirring up something immediate and emotional for you.  I know that at this moment there are thoughts swirling around your head.  I bet this whole topic is  a turn off for you.  I bet your mind is working over time to void out this whole issue. 

Who are your real companions?  Stress, worry, anxiety, despair, depression, disappointment, sadness?  Or do you have imaginary companions named “everything is fine” but I do not feel fine. ” How about “I am doing what I need to do and that is important” but I do not  feel important?”

There a huge gap between what you are doing and how you feel?  This gap has gotten to be so common that you may not notice it until…. it just hits you in the head again and again and again. 

What can you do about this gap?  You can fill it or take a different path.  Whichever choice you make the result will be the same. The way you will choose will depend on your personality style.  Don’t get hung up with the choice or the words.  You need to address the gap.  It will not go away. 

As I write these posts I identify with everything I write.  I also chuckle. I chuckle because I am not telling you anything you do not already know.  All I am doing is putting a spot light on these issues.  You probably avoid these issues but you can never really escape them.  They live inside of you. 

Stop living with “them.”  Start living with yourself.  Start living with your true, authentic self.  Start having the life you were meant to have.  You can do it.  Become willing to do it now. 

Take a tour of the choices you have to accomplish this. 

Marcia, Your confidence Coach


April 16, 2007 - Posted by | change, choice, how to succeed, self improvement

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