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Only you know the ANSWER


What does this all mean? 

Overheard at a here’s to your success (rah, rah) meeting

“He has self esteem but he lacks confidence.”

“She is working on self improvement.  Why is she doing that when she already has confidence?”

“I want more self esteem.”

Pretty confusing.  Does this make sense to you?

If you want confidence, self esteem and self improvement you have to know what these words mean……. for you.  Other people’s definitions are not important.  Your definition and meaning is what is important. 

So do you really, truly, actually have a definition and meaning of these words for yourself?  If you are now sitting here saying to yourself, “DO I?”  then perhaps that is a clue that you just jumped on the bandwagon.  You jumped on this bandwagon because it sounded good.  You jumped on the bandwagon because you want your life to be better.  You jumped on the bandwagon because YOU want to be better.  But better how???   Better why???  Better where???

This is the root of your discontent and failing.  Yes, you started your self improvement, self esteem, confidence campaign.  It went nowhere.  You worked hard.  You studied, meditated, practiced and struggled.  And you got nowhere except more frustrated, more depressed, more irritated, more discouraged. 

So can this work for you?  YES, YES, YES but……..first you have to know what this means for you and what you really want and why. 

How do you get somewhere if you do not know why you want to go there?  How do you get somewhere if you do not know how to get there?  

Of course I can not answer these questions for you.  You already know the answers.   It is just that no one informed you that this is step one to a better you. 

Start from the beginning.  You have this week end to get going.  Visit here and take a look at what you need. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach


April 14, 2007 - Posted by | change, confidence, self improvement

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