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Let’s Start the Effective, Beneficial Revoltion

I just had a quick thought.  I like You Tube.  It is definitely an entertaining site.  People use it for all kinds of stuff.  I use it to get a laugh.  I am also a music lover so I like to check out performers that I like.

Anyways  ….. here is my thought.  How about we all use your tube for a new purpose.  Don’t worry it won’t be a drag.  Let’s put some positive energy in the air.  I do not want to get into a political, philosophical, sociological  rant but personally I find the tone of our country kind of down.  I hear from people that they are struggling.  I hear from people that they are alienated.  I hear from people that life is not the way they thought it would be. 

Here is my suggestion.  How about you go to You Tube and post your goals, your passions, your life’s desires, your affirmations.  Make a short video.  Then tell everyone you know about it and ask them to make their video.  Let’s  plaster You Tube with positive energy.  Put your positive energy there.

Then watch your You Tube video every day to keep yourself righteous.  Maybe you will watch someone elses that inspires you.  Who knows what can happen? 

Let’s change the mood in this country to something empowering.  Let me know what you have posted.  Tell people about this blog so they can tell me what they posted.  Let’s start a positive revolution.  Let’s enhance each other. 

Marcia, Your Confidence Coach

PS  Empower yourself, empower the world !!!!!!!!!!!!


March 31, 2007 - Posted by | positive energy

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    Comment by Mike Rose | April 7, 2007 | Reply

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