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Is your mind organized? Did you ever wonder what is going on with your mind? Sometimes it seems there is you and your mind. Your mind seems to have a mind of it’s own. Your mind is talking and you do not want to listen but of course you do. Your mind can keep you up at night. Your mind can tell you many negative things. Your mind can get in your way. What is the answer to all this? You have been dealing with it for your whole life. You don’t like it. Yet you can not stop it. You want to stop it. How much control do you have over your mind?

Perhaps the word “control” is not what you should be looking for. Perhaps the word is organization. What does it mean to organize your mind? What does it mean to have an organized mind? We all know that chaos is the opposite of organized. Chaos is probably what you experience when your mind seems like it is operating on it’s own. Chaos is what you experience when you have all of these thoughts running around in your head. Chaos inside your mind affects you. You can not think clearly when your mind is in chaos. You are focused on thoughts that you can not process. Usually this chaos affects you negatively. Chaos is an energy drainer. Chaos takes up a lot of your time. Chaos does not lead to anything fruitful.

What would happen if you organized your mind? How would you organize your mind?

The first step is to devote some time to organizing your mind. This is not a one time deal. This is a daily deal. Think about your desk. If you file and put things away where they belong your desk is devoid of clutter/chaos. If you let things pile up you will have clutter and chaos again. Therefore you will need a schedule to do this. How do you begin? The first step is to set aside time to review the things in your mind what you need to organize.

Of course you want to start with the negative thoughts. Devote a period of time to review them. Discard the ones that serve no benefit to you. Create a garbage pail in your mental organization and throw these thoughts out. Why do you need them? Why aren’t they in the trash?. If they were tangible objects that you no longer needed you would throw them out. So throw them out. If you are a saver you will have to change your ways. If you are nervous about discarding these thoughts keep them for a week. If they still are of no benefit to you throw them out. You will have to part with things that are not useful to you. Sometimes there is no way to tell someone how to do this. You just have to do it.

How about the positive thoughts? What do you want to do with them. Keep them of course. But remember you are trying to remove clutter. So if you are not using these positive thoughts you need to put them somewhere. You need to put them somewhere you can easily find and retrieve them. These are probably the thoughts that you should write down. Keep them in a tangible file where you can look at them as needed. It is only necessary to use them as needed. You do not have to carry them around 24/7.

There is a reason for this. The more you can empty your mind the more you can be open to new ideas. You need to create space for these new thoughts. New ideas is what will propel you onto better actions. New ideas will transform your life. New ideas keep you going forward. New ideas will enlighten you. New ideas relieve you from drudgery. Try this and let me know how it goes. Let me know how it feels to organize your mind. Let me know how many and what new ideas you experience. Check out the self improvement toolshop in the links section. There are many products to help you on your journey. Marcia, Your Confidence Coach .


February 20, 2007 - Posted by | self improvement

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